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Oscailt Mhór Domhanda Traha!. TRAHA Global Mod v1.0.16

Nuashonrú: 04/02/2023
Costas: SAOR

Íosluchtaigh TRAHA Global Mod 1.0.16 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 5.0

Vulcan agus Naiyad; cé dó a throidfidh tú?
Tugaimid cuireadh duit chuig RVR MMORPG fíor bunaithe ar domhan mór oscailte.

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■ Cogaí gan deireadh idir faicsin, agus a gcuid scéalta
Mar gheall ar chogadh fada agus fada i gcoinne na staire, beidh Traha ag troid i gcoinne an dá dhruid rialaithe, Naiad agus Vulcan, tar éis fás i gcomhar nó iomaíocht.
Roghnaigh idir faicsin Naiad agus Vulcan Vulcan agus bí i do laoch a scéal!

■ Domhan mór oscailte le scála ollmhór agus grafaicí mionsonraithe
Cumhachtaí an t-inneall Unreal 4 6 réimsí móra oscailte le méid fíor 3-5 km. Tar chun domhan mór agus iontach a iniúchadh agus faigh amach faoi iontais uathúla gach réigiúin éagsúla!

■ Saincheapadh Mionsonraithe
Cruthaigh do Traha féin trí chruth coirp do charachtair, comhréireanna aghaidhe, craiceann, agus go leor eile a shaincheapadh! < ■ Saoirse iomlán súgartha le córas ranga gan teorainn
Aistrigh go saor idir 7 n-aicme dhifriúla do charachtar bunaithe ar do rang agus do thacar scileanna, agus aistrigh idir dabhach, healer agus carachtair láimhseála damáiste de réir mar is gá. Mothaigh bua na scileanna comhraic gníomhacha éagsúla le luchtú agus ionsaithe uainithe!

■Do shaol tuaithe aisling
Foghlaim scileanna saoil éagsúla cosúil le cócaireacht, iascaireacht agus gabha, agus níos mó!
Bailigh agus ceardaíochta míreanna chun cabhrú leat fás i cath. Bain sult as ábhar scileanna saoil i ndomhan atá buailte ag cogadh!

Íoslódáil saor in aisce TRAHA Global Hack + Mod le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.0.16. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Oscailt Mhór Domhanda Traha!. Arna fhorbairt ag MOAI GAMES Corporation.. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 5.0. Teen.

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TRAHA Domhanda! 11/2 Oscailt Mhór!.

Trácht nua

  1. Khen: Now we talking. This is actually a game that you have to olay in order to progress. No auto, mild p2w, and amazing combat. Out of those auto cash-making games, there's Traha Global..
  2. Chase JabL: Lack of an auto combat option is kind of a joke.
  3. Raymond Vergara: amazing game feels like pc game.
  5. Trinayan Saikia: Storyline is good but, I think the creature should attack me when I try to kill the same species near them. But they are just chilling, moving around like they don't care what I do with their species. 🙄.
  6. RIDZ THEBEAST: Cross platform pc-android, Great graphics by unreal engine 4, No gender lock class, Excellent gameplay, Experience real mmorpg with no auto play system, Hope they will make for ps4.
  7. Noble Win: Been playing it since launch day. Nice game but crashes VERY OFTEN. That's a huge encouragement to stop playing a game. So 1 star for that..
  8. Twizted Dream: Bots galore and blocking requires TYPING their name. Battlepass is overpriced. PVP tosses everyone together in battlefield, crafting gear requires PVP to obtain the items for crafting, weapons and trinkets drop from dungeons. So yeah if you're cool with pretty much all of your time being spent on PVP to obtain gear sets then you'll love it....
  9. E. L. M.: Looks good but not worth it.
  10. tatoos herald: Not recommend for lack of patience.
  11. Giri Player: An MMORPG that i can jump finally parkour! 😆.
  12. Arjeylionheart Gaming: Great game, nice graphics. But... In a world where people make self driving cars, and technology advanced further with automation. They surely took the time not to automate an mmorpg game. Post-pandemic, some paying players are now working from home, it might be inevitable that this game will be marked as nsfw by them..
  13. Zack Harrys: There's error when installing, and still error after reinstalling, hope you can help me..
  14. David Spoon: Good.
  15. Ron Harris: Really disappointed by the game. 1. Storyline is very poor. How the story begins there is no backdrop. 2. Voice is absent in the storyline, only there with some cutscenes. 3. Monster targeting is wierd, you have to run around to find targets and no auto play. 4. Too many moving parts in the game, very counterintuitive. Game not good by standards of 2022. After a very long time, uninstalling the game in days play..
  16. NEMI: I never received my pre-register gift. I checked my mail. thank you for giving me my stuff... great game... love the pvp..
  17. JK Kim: pay to win game. to increase your CP, you have pay something like $30+ to even get around in the open world area. You pay nothing, you gain nothing..
  18. Smushy Bedtime Stories: P2w.
  19. rein ireneo: I kinda like this game for its graphics and skills effect, but it doesnt have autoplay which is an important feature for someone who cant always put their attention in playing the whole time. If it has autoplay i would've give 5star for this.
  20. jhazz jhazz: i like the non auto system. keep it up 😁👌.
  21. Hex Omega: 3 stars. Has the potential to be 5, but there's stuff that just automatically makes my finger want to hover over the uninstall button immediately. While it has good graphics, it has very poor auto customization. There should be the option to shut auto navigation off, so when you press the quest, there's just an arrow to guide you. Also should be able to turn off auto attack. I'd rather press the button to attack than have him do it automatically. Lastly, it needs controller support..
  22. jommar fuentes: good game.
  23. Cide Gamor: always crashing after 5 mins.
  24. Hiralal Kisku: love the combat and storyline. thanks for not adding autoquest fell like pc mmorpg on mobile (Great job).
  25. Harry P: Amazing graphics and gameplay. But, forced PVP? I have a 9-5 job and want to play when I get home, but I keep getting killed by some random player, ruining my experience. There should be an option to turn PVP off. PVP should be arena only. I will not play again until something changes..
  26. Kent Tabuelog: Super great game. This is the ideal mmorpg. A full packed game. It has a great graphics too..
  27. Darryl Turner II: Why I cnt pick my own style of weapon...I want the berserker sword.
  28. Va_Dja: Installed from Google Play, downloaded 3.5gb additional files. When I reach the loading screen it says, "An error occurs while trying to update, please contact customer service." Something like that. Developer please fix this then I'll change my rating, thanks. Edit: The game is playable now, I on/off my internet connection and it works. And the game looks great, runs perfect 60 fps on my device. I'll start my new adventure in this game..
  29. Jiyos Sadernas: Bad, really really bad this game.
  30. ecks juriel: Im level 23 but still don't have AUTO ATTACK?what level can i obtain auto attack?😆.
  31. JEarl Diiente: Add auto attack and questing the rest of us can't play, we have jobs🤣🤣.
  32. Adam Loft: Do you expect us to sit all day and kill mobs and not work or do other things? If I want to play a game manually I'll do it on other device with big screens and not on a mobile game, what kind of planning do you have here?.
  33. Sam Reign: Come on guys get a grip the app isn't letting anyone past the download you need to fix it or scrap it. It looks like it should be an awesome game. So fix the damn thing so we can enjoy it don't be morons..
  34. Loxenoir: I was about to rate 5 stars, this game was very optimized for mobile. No battery drain no heating even on ultra graphic, very smooth gameplay BUT, every time i exit the game like 2 or 3 times and try to play the game again, it showed error message "failed to read remotemanifest file". And to fix it is to restart the phone as clearing the cache didnt fix it and it was very annoying for me. Please fix it as soon as possible and dont forget to advertise this game everywhere. Good potential..
  35. Edryan Merida: Great game, graphics, and story. Also I like the mmorpg without auto play but this auto path. Thankful for making this non auto battle mmorpg.
  36. Sangsoo: Dev, im a busy person but wanna play game..please add auto combat.
  37. Matheus A Pereira: Está dando erro de armazenamento Assim que arrumarem mudo minha avaliação, queria muito jogar.
  38. Monte Hindsman: So far so good it reminds me a little of final fantasy 14 and black desert mobile, overall the game play is awesome I have a Samsung S22 ultra maybe this is why I can play but the story is very good at first, you start off doubt all of the classes but once you get past the first screen you have to choose which class you want they also have a class preview of the classes so you won't be in the dark as far as choosing you specifics. I truly recommend this game for a different approach to MMORPG'S.
  39. Injer nus: Loading forever from the start.
  40. Julian Chow: Good production quality. Not a fan of PVP baked into quests. Was enjoying a NPC quest dialogue when an enemy party sprung and mowed down my avatar. Wasnt able to clear that quest as the enemy party was camping that quest giver..
  41. Shauntel Mckinney: really disappointed you released the game without testing it and not only that it's been crashing my game and phone and etc. I had to reset my phone so it can startup again I'm very disappointed bro remove this and just fix your game entirely.
  42. William: The game can be played but on PC as on mobile you need a pretty good phone to be able to play it smooth as entering in the battlefield textures goes on and off, players teleporting around, lag! Its unplayable..
  43. Dan S: Actually pretty fun, no auto combat yet which is nice. Maybe an actual mmorpg for mobile?.
  44. Froilan Hacildo: Ang panget walang auto battle bagay to sa mga tambay.
  45. zhul Kumal: nc game.
  46. Mike Arduca (DUKE): Game has a lot to do which I like. But I can play on data but wifi won't run or load game. Have to swap to data to play. Why game won't load or run but on data only I don't understand. Battery drain is much to high and general game load time is long. Which shouldn't be for the amount of download data of the bat. Plz fix game is real good and does run fairly smooth ..
  47. megabat 13: I don't like getting notified about what people are getting all the time it's really annoying..
  48. Caiden Robeck: BEST MMORPG BY FAR!! Optional auto pathing, absolutely 0 auto combat, balanced pvp, REAL SKILL AND GRINDING, AAA graphics, little pay to win! My only concern is the random pausing of the background music. Little to no overheating as well!.
  49. Box office world: Game is crashing in my Poco m3.
  50. jose fons: Game was rather boring. Fell asleep alot in the first 40min, I forced myself to play further and the more I did the sleeper I got. It sucks that you force people to fight monsters, while other mobile games do it auto, it's 2022 people don't got time to do it manually. On top of that, each new monster feels 100 times stronger and takes 100 x longer to kill. And this is just in the first 15-30mins of gameplay cant imagine the rest..
  51. Y0ji Play Games: How to log in through Steam on the phone? Cause I cann't. I click on the icon, it says "this player is offline", where to enter the code is not clear. Or am I dumb or something is wrong...:(.
  52. Fumfhie Federipe: No auto-combat :(.
  53. Isaiah Gasque: Smooth game so far, the responses during combat is a little weird here and there and not referring to a lag more of a timing delay. This game reminds me of a mini black desert and I love black desert. So let's see there this goes.
  54. Dustin Metzger: Was okay until you hit level 25 then quests are spaced out by 2k CP.
  55. Toybits Alde: Great.
  56. Levia Kitty: Can't get past character creator, keeps crashing, oh well.
  57. Christopher Williams: General mmo for mobile, story is so nonexistent, combat is terrible, tutorial is a joke. Stay away it's not worth it..
  58. Dario: tanta roba. l'idea delle armi non è male, sembra un po' FF14.
  59. Nathalie: Hi very frustrated. Downloaded 3 times get the same error. Send an email to developer and no response yet. Did play the game on korean server before. So the game use to work on this device..
  60. Rick Annis: This is a great game so far 👏 👌 🙌 👍.
  61. Keving Gabriel Perez: It's a good game, would be nice get better the character's Graphic and definition..
  62. michael angelo navarro: Disapointed. Global version doesn't have autoplay feature like JP version has. It's not user friendly for us casual players who are busy in our day to day lives and only has limited playing time. Please consider us players who wants to play good game with good graphics but are unable to fully immersed ourselves with the gameplay and be focused on the game 100% of the time..
  63. Blood Hunter: All it says is it loading and nothing happeneds.
  64. Don Cosmin: I like it so much. I think I start to love it. Is what I want. Mmorpg, no need only one class ( I can chenge what I like to play). Skill , graphics and all it's perfect. Good job.
  65. Chris Anderson: Not sure why auto would be turned off for global..
  66. j: Unplayable. Forced out the game every 2 minutes or less. 5G wifi connection is stable with every other game but this one.
  67. Irsyad Fauzan: Error, i cant play.
  68. Trap Savvy: Really hope people change their review since the login errors. The game is fantastic so far 👏 👌.
  69. Jhenzu Rutsut: Make server for autoplay some of the player like me have a real life in daylight make server for autoplay player.
  70. Todd Royal: Buggy. I finally got the game to actually load and was able to play for about 3 minutes before I got stuck because of a bug that won't allow my character to see enemies for some reason. It looks beautiful and has potential so hopefully the devs will fix it.
  71. Dian Eka Setiawan: too often force close while in game.
  72. Roque Morden: Can't run vulkan even after restart.
  73. windarche: Game been out for a few hours and already most name taken already.
  74. Mharwin Abuan: Please add auto combat, thought it has auto combat because I watched the korean and japan version of the game and they can on and off their auto combat system..
  75. Aaron Solomon (nestharus): $60 per gacha roll and very p2w. what a joke..
  76. Sultan Ali Khan: game couldn't connect to server it says (initialization failed) need to fix this.
  77. Arvin Montecillo: The amount of waiting time just to enter the game is quite too long. I understand that it just got opened to public. Hopefully, the server's maximum capacity gets expanded..
  78. Cyrus Greg V. Gabaya: Ok so here is my opinion on this game. 5star rating indeed It's actually a great game. Graphics,gameplay, non gender lock, can use all class, alot of customization with skills,no auto battle and many more! But the movement needs work, hope you'll add the choice of hiding some buttons when you dont need them, it takes up screen space. The shadow settings kind of annoys me because in normal mode you can't see any shadow,only in high.Overall the game's great! Still have room for improvments..
  79. Miroslav Pavlovic: I can't connect to my steam account. Code is good but when I hit confirm nothing happens. Fix that!!!.
  80. StaRz GAMINGYT: loading screen no patch🙄🙄🙄.
  81. Alexandru Zota: Rubbish. Cheap copy of BDM.
  82. DarKside: The game so far is great , it have no auto play Wich is rare for a mobile mmo the combat actually needs you to pay attention there is auto tracking but you can jgnore that if you want and that what I was doing, its a good idea that you can use multiple weapons exept of one so you don't have to play a whole other playthrough just to try the others , the graphics and the effects are pretty good and the servers are surprisingly good for a new mmo , the camera sucks tho I hope that get fixed.
  83. Itchibann Plays: Autoplay is the new Era of mmorpg mobile game so disappointed.
  84. Sludge crown: Hey you all need to try this gems. No auto skill, no auto attack mob, but got auto path (point A to point B). You can attack while moving, some skill can cast while moving. Some monster really strong and its good challenging. But the voice actor just decent. The story also just decent..
  85. Chance Watson: Won't even launch lol. Goes to open and then closes immediately..
  86. 02Rainer: Trying to link accounts is the stupidest thing ever.. I'm not playing again until I get my character back on steam with my pre-registration rewards. Every time I input the code to link, NOTHING happens..
  87. Unknown Human: This is pure garbage 🗑 the camera angles are worse then a game made in 1980s. It's so zoomed in can't see anything . I pan out !! Move an inch and it zooms back in .... worse voice acting , bad bad alow fights and worse camera angles.
  88. Dominic Vu: Great graphics, easy controls. UI is a little crowded but overall decent..
  89. RJ Jones: Game is overall trash, camera angels are garbage, weapon are ok, this does not look like a unreal engine game.
  90. Leonardo Hajj: ( last edit ) this game won't open anymore not wasting my time on it..
  91. WizardCodeXD: I cant play the game.
  92. Kuhristuhh: It's awesome. People are just giving it low ratings because they don't understand the idea of a presignup early downloads vs launch days. Beautiful game. Lots going on. Unique.
  93. Gilang Romadhon: Cant login stuck loading.
  94. Jerieco Gonzales: I think this game is need more improvement Ang unti mobs gamit ko archer pero bkt ganun lumalapit sa Mobs Diba dapat long range.
  95. FrankZeTank __: Beware, this app scans your phone and searches your storage before you even accept anything. On launch, the game scans your entire phone and asks you to delete stuff such as Expert raw from samsung, a camera app. It asked me to remove a sidebar app called Meteor, which has nothing to do with the game. Then I deleted those two, and it asked me to delete something about in-app purchases. No thanks. I'm not deleting half my phone to play this game. I'll go back to a different game. Best luck~.
  96. lala lala: Hello, is it me, this game doesn't load using mobile data.
  97. Hikoru Yoshi: Always force closed in middle game even in lowest graphic setting. Playing on redmi note 10 pro 8/128 Gb.
  98. Skzwp: Love that it's not an auto combat game. Looking forward to its future updates..
  99. David Hunter X: Just opened app. Select a faction.. they both just suck. Reading them.... Both sound so dum. So I picked which colors I liked more.... Another 10 mints later. Controls aren't right. It's like toon run backwards before forward. Skills are very pretty. I think games like this suck and starting there games and ppl never even get to see weather or not that they actually like it or no. Because of a poor start to game.
  100. Taylor Nelson: Game loads and everything but you can't even make a character because it says invalid imput if you put in any kind of name I tried several different names all with and won't out numbers none had spaces and still Said it was invalid.
  101. John McLaughlin: The lack of auto combat in a game designed for it is very disappointing. Today's mobile gamers do not have the time to press the same button a billion times to progress in battles. Auto combat has it's place for people due to time restrictions and physical ability. By not providing the option you are excluding a large number of players for the sake of a small minority that cry on the forums about any form of auto combat..
  102. Zaira Rivera: Imbalance game noob matching. Always team in lowest rank and the enemey rank is high also high damage very poor pay to win..
  103. Biggie Me: Always get an error message that says cant update beacause of an error.. please fix it.. redmi note 9 pro.
  104. Tonton Daygam: OK.
  105. Brando Rayo: No auto Attack.
  106. MacMac Madelo: Need update.
  107. s1ckGAMING Vanguard: Changed my review due to a simple problem i think, when slashing you really need to be very close to a target and you not able to attack when nothing is there which causes the attack pad not to register the command attack when getting close and then just stays there getting slashed by mobs and running around.
  109. Ji In Lee: There is no auto attack in the game. Please include an auto attack option..
  110. Jake Icao: add auto attack or we will spam 1 star JP server have auto atk.
  111. Reg Day: Didn't appreciate downloading the whole game before it told me I had to wait 2 days to play it, however, when I eventually started it the experience left a lot to be desired. The graphics were good, and there were some novel ideas, but the game tries to throw all it's features at you at once, which makes enjoying the game really difficult. I'm sure at some point it all settles down and the game can be enjoyed, but after an hour decided it wasn't worth the effort involved and uninstalled..
  112. Danail Angelov: Waw! Great graphics ,balanced spending model ,giant territory and great customisation! I highly recommend!.
  113. Jeward Conel: Good game.. Classic Gameplay non-Auto skill, but with auto path for quest( story/daily/side)..
  114. Brandon Eaton: Incredible game, I'd give it 5 stars except all the stuff to buy is like 20 bucks or more! Ridiculous. Lower prices, fine tune your game a bit more, and you'd be #1 in no time. Also in the arena 3 times out of 5 fights I couldn't use my skills at all. Just wouldn't let me use them period. There's a few more problems or things y'all could improve as well. But as far as story and gameplay, it's FANTASTIC so far!!! Hope y'all fix these issues and make it a #1 hit!! God bless y'all 🙏🥷✌️.
  115. Coba Lion: Hate it played for all of one minute. Sucks.
  116. Rogil Estocado: Cant even passed loading screen it says just aoment but it crashed haha stupid game.
  117. BeruanGAMERS: Semi-Auto Attack and Auto Quest..
  118. Frost Ex: Qeue everywhere, non smooth combat, meh.
  119. Ace of Hearts: A perfect mmorpg game, no auto. Just pure grind.
  120. Jamiel Ybanez: Its a 5 out of 5 for me! Those who complain on this game are has low end of device thats why they experience lag realtalk for me this games one of the best game i played..
  121. Bang Didit: Developer MUST ADD FEATURES : Sequence of auto quest complete and auto skill. Nowdays we are high mobility so playing in Mobile is preferred than playing in PC. Grinding monsters to gain XP is so hard with manual tap and directions, control is so lame and the rewards also small without buying item to raise it. So Annoyed, confused & frustrated. Don't waste mobile player time or you will get hurt so much negative low stars in your Review! MAKE THE GAME User friendly for mobile is a MUST!!.
  122. Mark Kevin Gabriel: graphics ia good but gameplay needs improvement , its better to play with auto attack when on the mission its hard to determine the target the solution is auto attack ..
  123. Jemstroyer: This game has no AUTO mode, keep out if you cant keep up with the grind. Game is overall fun.
  124. Eyyan Limboc: I love this game.
  125. POSITIVEꓘ VIBES: One of the best game this is not auto play anti dummy account yeah yeah dev strategy is good play hard work hard ban auto play.
  126. Syed Mahadzir: A superb mmorpg.
  127. Chitoge Kirisaki: Terlalu banyak maintenence.. 😩.
  128. Sk Jasim: Game is awesome,no auto battles, incredible story so far i played, incredible graphics.
  129. Ah Bj: Overall its an ok game, gorgeous graphic, no auto combat. But only 2 mins in game already encountered a server issue, i have to play tutorial twice and cant complete quest because of this.
  130. yaaser mohammad: Just one problem! When I tried to look around my character I was actually moving my character instead without using the character movement analog and that would happen after each dialog! Fixing that will make the game more enjoyable!.
  131. 4n4k4mp03ng: BEST.
  132. Yusuf Taufaniahmad: for the devs pls concern about this one, i was just wanna playing this, then i need to queueing for about 1 hour jst to enter the game THE FREAK IS THIS pls fix it im palying on asia 1, fix it soon or 1 star for u :mad emote.
  133. JK: Take too much time waiting in queue.
  134. Mae Magdalaga: Cannot complete a quest because no shaddy rubber has been showing up to kill for 15mins. I waited for a long time then i restarted still no shaddy rubber showing up. I will uninstall..
  135. Kyeo: 1 Hour queue.
  136. Ekky Winarno: Always waiting Waiting 1h 32 m for joint the game Are you ok.
  137. Loggy Gaming Corp: Created a character in asia server, it took 1.5 hour queuing just to log in... Will try the game some other day.
  138. rusdiyanto.s: launching on android emu? im using note 9.
  139. Joel salichan LM10: I can't get in, the system say's somthing about delete the launch app. I don't understand.
  140. Jason SabladPh: The game is amazing from graphics to mechanics of the game , it's good👌. But, I'm disappointed at one thing that there is one auto in this game, auto pathing. I hope Devs can put Auto MISSION as a whole, clearing monsters and completing missions that would be superb to AFK PLAYERS LIKE ME. ALL IN ALL AMAZING GAME 🤟.
  141. Adna Fafa: Mount speed is too fast please reduce it.
  142. Priyesh Sekar: May be the only rival to Black desert !! Very good.
  143. Ronnel Ramos: Why i cannot connect its say no internet connection try again.
  144. asder deras: Worst game. It feels a generic mobile mmo even when you play on PC.
  145. Rondel Macahipay: Very good game it's easy to uninstall.
  146. A J: so far so good BUT PLEASE DO NOT ADD AUTO BATTLE. Never do that please. AUTO BATTLE SUCKS. If players complain of wanting auto batlle just because they are working, then tell them to focus on the work and play games after working hours. There is no fun at auto battling. Auto pathing IS ENOUGH. Lol.
  147. Johns lawren Bade Almio: No autocombat please put autocombat in this game...
  148. Joe Aspa: So far so good.. the game is awesome! :D.
  149. Nico Alvarez: This game is trash no auto and a pay to win game trash trash trash.
  150. hanry bobod: Super immersive game. I like this game more than other mmorpg games. This is the best one so far..

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