The Past Within Lite Mod

The Past Within Lite (HACK & MOD)

Léiriú gairid ar eachtra comhoibríoch Rusty Lake The Past Within!. The Past Within Lite Mod v1.0.3

Nuashonrú: 02/04/2023
Costas: SAOR

Íosluchtaigh The Past Within Lite Mod 1.0.3 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 5.0

Fáilte chuig eagrán DEMO The Past Within, eachtra comharchumainn 15 go 30 nóiméad ó Rusty Lake. Chun an leagan taispeána seo de The Past Within, beidh ar an dá imreoir cóip den chluiche a bheith acu le himirt. Is féidir an leagan seo a thras-imirt agus tá ábhar difriúil aige ná an leagan préimhe iomlán.

Roghnaigh idir an todhchaí agus an t-am atá thart agus déan roinnt cuimhní cinn le cairde. Glac páirt sa chlár Beta Gléas Ciúbacha sa Todhchaí agus féach an féidir leat ceangal a dhéanamh leis An Aimsir Chaite. Cuirfidh an t-am atá thart faisnéis luachmhar ar an taobh eile in iúl chun an dá chruinne a thabhairt le chéile.

▪ Réitigh puzail le cairde
▪ Is cluiche comhoibríoch amháin é an cluiche seo agus is féidir é a imirt tras-ardán
▪ 15-30 nóiméad de gameplay, is féidir taobh a athrú
>▪ le fuaimrian Atmaisféir le Victor Butzelaar

Eiseofar an leagan préimhe iomlán de The Past Within an 2 Samhain, 2022 agus aistreofar go breis is 18 dteanga é.

Íoslódáil saor in aisce The Past Within Lite (HACK & MOD) le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.0.3. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Léiriú gairid ar eachtra comhoibríoch Rusty Lake The Past Within!. Arna fhorbairt ag Rusty Lake. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 5.0. Everyone.

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Go raibh maith agat as The Past Within Lite a imirt, shocraigh muid roinnt bugs sa nuashonrú nua seo!.

Trácht nua

  1. Rey Liz: I've been waiting and waiting for a new Rusty Lake game. They are my favorite games ever. After waiting so long, I was so excited to see a new game... Finally... And it's for 2 players only. That sucks!! At least make it where 1 person can switch between characters or something. I'm so disappointed!! Especially cuz I know it'll be years again before another game comes out!👎.
  2. Pappy Schaffer: Creative. Looking forward to full version..
  3. Marc Solé: Can't wait for the final release!.
  4. :D rand: fun game to play with friends can't wait till full game comes out.
  5. Monica Gutmann: Muito interessante a idéia de 2 jogadores cooperando, um no passado e outro no futuro. Ansiosa para ver o jogo completo..
  6. Deprecated: Preety good game not gonna lie.
  7. Daniel Alvarado: Excelente.
  8. Kaori L: Amazing as always!! Can't wait for the full version, wonderful job!!.
  9. Tara Minopoli: I am autistic and struggle immensely with real time verbal communication. I have played and purchased every Rusty Lake game available multiple times. The fact that this NEEDS to be played with someone else is such a letdown. I appreciate the concept but you're definitely excluding many of your fans..
  10. bewd lover: I really love the game. But, please make it possible to play alone or with an ai because I don't have anyone to play with..
  11. Jay Hobbs: Disappointed to find out this is a 2 player game only. I don't know anyone else who might play and don't want to deal with playing with a stranger. Oh well. Maybe the next release will be a normal game again..
  12. Aditya Agrawal: Cannot describe the experience it provides, kudos to the Rusty lake team for coming up with such an intriguing concept and implementing it even better💯.
  13. Jacques Lang: I really love the world of Rusty lake and I have played all their games but quite frankly, if the demo is anything to go by, the full game probably won't be their best work. Fumbling along with another player through voice chat does not make for a good experience and ruins the atmosphere of the game. I think you should stick to single player games, all of which are great. I will keep an open mind playing the full game though..
  14. Alexander Kushnerov: Played with my wife. Very stressful experience. Waiting a full game..
  15. Lộc Lê: Good demo, i really like the interaction between players in this one, looking forward to the full game eeeeee.
  16. Taha Rashtbar: It's so fun I just finished playing with my brother and we enjoyed it so much I'm waiting for the full game so much thank you so much you are perfect.
  17. Ñõ môré sēçrèts: It's made by rusty lakes so I can tell it will be great without even playing it.
  18. Zeinab Faisal: My favorite new game 🔥🤍.
  19. Nathan Medhurst: Already a huge fan of these games, and this one was so good I'm real exited for this to come out 🙌.
  20. Stewie Williamson: I am not going inside discord for any help what so ever, also what gives, I keep getting kicked out of the server, well goodbye forever...
  21. little Darkness girl: Me first hahah.
  22. Axololtl UwU: I really liked this, but there was a glitch in the future portion where the screen goes dark randomly. The first time it happened I was trying to put the floppy in the computer and after I took care of the darkened screen the floppy disk item disappeared. Had to restart the game and click through to get back to that scene. It happened a couple more times but nothing to inconvenient happened because of it. Definitely look into it, 'cause it can give you a hard time if it's during a cut-scene.
  23. Foggyfrog_ -: This was a great game with a very interesting story to it. 10/10 would recommend..
  24. RoyOK PK: Finally! A new game! Haven't played the demo yet but gonna play it as soon as I reach home!.
  25. Snapshoot _eSPe: It's so fun to actually play with my friend in a same time, we need to communicate to finish the puzzle and it's so interesting concept!!.
  26. Mina: Amazing im a fan of your work rusty lake👏.
  27. Энх-Амгалан Сумъяа: Best game ever..
  28. Michael Slone: I'm disappointed cuz I'm deaf and play single games. Those need two player..
  29. Sandra Pegasus: I'm afraid having to play with someone makes this impossible to play.
  30. mounir haddar: Wow!! I really want to purchase the full version, the control, how to play, everything is GREAT 😃 👍.
  31. ANGEL NIRA: I played at the same time from two different devices.. ohh my god.. it was such a great experience.. Dont know but found demo to be too easy as i have played all other rusty lake games... It was quiet enjoyable... Looking forward for full version 😃👍🏻 cheers to the creators it kept me hooked.. Loved it so much... need more rusty lake games...
  32. Слава Глухоедов: Бесподобно Игры Расти Лейк - это всегда шедеврально и круто..
  33. Conjunction: Another Rusty Lake masterpiece.
  34. Tamer Bary: Excited to play this.
  35. Damy: Excited about the full game, the demo was a really good taste of what's to come!.
  36. Huy: Good game!.
  37. Yooni Als: First 5 star.

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Leagan: 1.0.3.
Android ag teastáil: 5.0.
Déan measúnú: 263.
Rátáil Ábhar: Everyone.
Suiteáil: 10,000+.
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Forbróirí: Rusty Lake.
Vótaí: 3.2.
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