Scratchin Melodii Mod

Scratchin Melodii {MOD + HACK}

Bain sult as Imeartha Ceol Cath Cluiche Scratchin Melodii. Scratchin Melodii Mod v1.0

Nuashonrú: 04/02/2023
Costas: SAOR

Íosluchtaigh Scratchin Melodii Mod 1.0 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 7.0

Sa chluiche Scratchin Melodii seo, beidh tú ag imirt mar Melodii, DJ óg agus ceoltóir. Tar éis dóibh a bheith gafa ag breacadh an lae, caithfidh siad fonn éigin a fháil chun íoc as an bhfeileonacht! Buail do opponents agus a fháil ar do phost (Boss) in am!

Is féidir leat é a bhualadh ar fad leis an Mód Scéalta atá spreagtha ag RPG*, nó úsáid a bhaint as an amhrán Quick-Groove de do rogha féin!

Cuirfidh Scratchin Melodii mothú iontach fuarú agus go leor spraoi duit!

Tá an aip seo déanta ag lucht leanúna Scratchin Melodii, tá sé neamhoifigiúil, agus níl an t-inneachar san aip seo cleamhnaithe, formhuinithe, urraithe nó soláthraithe ag aon Chuideachta faomhadh speisialta . Tá an aip seo le haghaidh siamsaíochta go príomha agus is féidir le gach lucht leanúna taitneamh a bhaint as!

Íoslódáil saor in aisce Scratchin Melodii {MOD + HACK} le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.0. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Bain sult as Imeartha Ceol Cath Cluiche Scratchin Melodii. Arna fhorbairt ag Alpha Games std. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 7.0. Everyone.

Gnéithe Cluiche Hack MOD

  • - Airgead Gan Teorainn
  • - Ceannacháin Saor in Aisce
  • - Ceannach Saor
  • - Airgead Gan Teorainn
  • - Siopadóireacht Saor in Aisce

Leagan Cluiche MOD íoctha

  • - Íoslódáil saor in aisce Greann
  • - Íosluchtaigh saor in aisce fón póca
  • - Íoslódáil saor in aisce do fóin póca
  • - Díghlasáil saor in aisce,
  • - Luasghéarú

Scratchin Melodii Leagan 1.0.

Trácht nua

  1. Taten Brown: Dumb ads every single time you click a button and even if you do get past all the ads it still doesn't let you play the game it just gives you even more questions it'll be like start the game and then it'll give you even more ads it's stupid besides this game isn't even on mobile it will be coming on mobile soon but don't download this game I was watching yub playing it and I decided I wanted to download this game on my phone and blah blah blah ads ads I'm watching him play it right now.
  2. Daisy Hernandez: Too many dumb ads for every click.
  3. Karen Grant: why are there so many ads-.
  4. Amelia W: Too many ads!.
  5. Yohan Gaming: why is there so much adds??? each time i press next i get an add and plus its not like the real game.
  6. Adult Haelk: Fajbc.
  7. Shizno Gamer: It's not even a game. You just read the story of the original game and after every button you press there is a 30 second add. This app should not exist!.
  8. dan pilon: WORST GAME EVER DONT GET.
  9. nxgiedits: The constant adds make it hard for me to actually want to keep playing.
  10. vyocouvuvv vvkvyyo: It's absolutely terrible just for one ad you have to go in the game and you don't even click anything and then when you try to click on the start it literally shows up an ad ads are everywhere do not download this game.
  11. Everything Avery’s World: Nice try I was looking up if Scratchin Melodii was on Android and guess what I found. a complete rip off. I was already suspicious when I saw the images. Xbox buttons on phone? If you look closely you'll see what I mean. There's no way any one older than a baby could tap that. I downloaded it, fishing to see if it was copying the og game's code and data. I immediately undownlaoded it when it asked me if I were adult or minor. I knew that it was fake. It's a waste of time. Yet no gameplay..
  12. Neco Arc: NYA NYA NYA! THIS IS FAKE.
  13. JR's Stuff: You can't even play the game every time you press the start button it makes you go through the same intro over and over. FALSE ADVERTISING would not recommend at all. Also every time you press a button to continue there's always an advertisement. Highly disappointing 0 stars would not recommend to anyone. I can't rate it Less than one star so that's why I said it. So again 0 stars would not recommend to anyone..
  14. caliya Sheekh: Lots of adds.
  15. yoshi Dixon: Plays 2 ads everything you open it or touch the screen. Couldn't even start the tutorial..
  16. Lana Tao: I cant even play the game because of the ads..
  17. Cristina Tee: Super bad game it keeps appearing ads each option I pick which is annoying can't even play lost motivation because of how many dam ads it have sucks.
  18. mint.swirl.x: TO MUCH ADS.
  19. Loubna Yass: DO.NOT.PLAY -ads on every button you click and when yer finnaly done With the ads , IT JUST SENDS YOU BACK WITHOUT GETTING TO PLAY -0/10 Remember kids Never try to get free stuff Nothing is ever free.
  20. Aesthetic Gaming: I would give this zero stars, every time I tap on a button there is an ad. Don't play this game, please report it. Scratchin Melodii will soon be on mobile..
  21. noorzita lip: I LOVE IT❤❤.
  22. Endie Enderwork: I can't get through the game because almost every button you click has a ad, and in one of the ads its just a black screen so you cant exit the ad..
  23. K1t: theres so many ads and its not even the real game.
  24. O A: When I went to put my gender it didn't work.

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Leagan: 1.0.
Android ag teastáil: 7.0.
Déan measúnú: 34.
Rátáil Ábhar: Everyone.
Suiteáil: 10+.
Táirge: .
Forbróirí: Alpha Games std.
Vótaí: 1.5.
Idirghníomhach: .
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