Ordia Mod

Ordia (HACK + MOD)

Déan turas trí dhomhan ildaite lánghníomhaíochta sa lúthchleasaíocht mhéara seo!. Ordia Mod v1.0.18

Nuashonrú: 16/03/2023
Costas: 5.49

Íosluchtaigh Ordia Mod 1.0.18 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 4.4

Is ardánóir aonmhéara é Ordia ina n-imríonn tú mar shaol nua agus tú ag tabhairt a chéad léim isteach i ndomhan aisteach agus guaiseach.

Léim, preab, greamaigh agus sleamhnaigh do bhealach trí thimpeallachtaí saibhir bríomhara. Gach créatúr a threorú chun sábháilteachta i ndomhan primordial pacáilte le guaiseacha, dúshláin agus iontas éagsúla!

Le 30 leibhéal le cur i gcrích, chomh maith le modhanna dúshlán breise, leibhéil bónais agus éachtaí chun an scaoilfeadh glas ar Ordia is cluiche uathúil agus dúshlánach é a bhfuil uaireanta an chloig de gameplay.

Gnéithe< br>– rialuithe aon-mhéar simplí
– 30 leibhéal socraithe ar fud 3 shaol
– Platformer pacáilte le gníomhaíocht
– Modhanna dúshlán breise do gach leibhéal
– Leibhéil bónais agus éachtaí le díghlasáil

Buaiteoir i gComórtas Indie Google 2019! 🏆

"Ar an iomlán, is ifreann cluiche é Ordia. Tá sé thar a bheith taibhseach, tá na beochana mín réidh, agus tá na maisíochtaí fuaime agus aiseolas haptach thar a bheith sásúil" – TouchArcade

Is ardán fíor-speisialta é "Ordia a bhfuil a fhios aige go díreach cad a cheaptar a bheith" – 148Apps

"Pacáiste atá curtha le chéile go foirfe do lucht leanúna agus díograiseoirí ardánacha ócáideacha araon" – AppSpy

Íoslódáil saor in aisce Ordia (HACK + MOD) le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.0.18. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Déan turas trí dhomhan ildaite lánghníomhaíochta sa lúthchleasaíocht mhéara seo!. Arna fhorbairt ag Loju. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 4.4. Everyone.

Gnéithe Cluiche Hack MOD

  • - Bain Gach Fógraí
  • - boosters
  • - Gach Díghlasáil
  • - Íoctha Díghlasáilte
  • - Luas

Leagan Cluiche MOD íoctha

  • - Íoslódáil Saor in Aisce
  • - Préimh Díghlasáilte
  • - Gan Muirear
  • - Acmhainní Gan Teorainn
  • - Díghlasáil Íoctha

Na nuashonruithe is déanaí do Android íosluchtaigh.

Trácht nua

  1. The DoomGuy: Fun. Smooth. Relaxing. 5 stars without doubt..
  2. Katie Smith: relaxing single control fun.
  3. Brandon Smothers: sweet graphics. challenging gameplay that hooks you.
  4. Dylan Swiggett: Polished, challenging and fun. Easy to pick up but with some meat to the endgame. This might be the best mobile platformer(like) I've found, strong recommend. Make sure to try playing with sound on, the ambiance is excellent!.
  5. Joseph Klein: excellent game so far!.
  6. West Intro: such a well-polished and concrete game. well worth the money!.
  7. Nycel Geraga: I'm disappointed over what I expected. Can I get a refund please?.
  8. Kas Morgan: Kinda short if you decide to grind it out, but super fun to have as an online time waster or fidget. Super cute and amazing aesthetic all throughout the game!.
  9. Steve Axtmann: Finally 100% the game and I can highly recommend it. It's very well polished and is great fun to jump into at any point, even if you haven't played in a year..
  10. saram Pen: Simple but fun. Different obstacles popping up keep things interesting. I'm really glad there a save point at each level so if you fail you don't have to start at the very bottom. finding the hidden points or what ever you call them also makes it fun..
  11. JoDa: The idea and execution are perfect. Beautiful graphic and sound design, simple but satisfying mechanics that flow really nicely and just make sense in the game. The levels gradually get harder but aren't frustrating due to well placed checkpoints. If you want to push yourself you can choose to race against the clock, complete the hard versions or do the optional bonus levels. All in all 10/10 game that most people will enjoy.
  12. Adam Ryan: Great game!.
  13. Liz B.: This game was a nice balance of challenging and satisfying. The mechanic is fun, there's a variety of enemies. Would love to play more levels..
  14. Irfan: Pls add more level!.
  15. Frank sjwlks: It is incredible how such a simple mechanic can make a game that as you progress never ceases to amaze you..
  16. Garrett Pierson: interesting game!!!.
  17. Lucas Kreiger: it is great.
  18. Alan H: great game! very simple game play, challenging enough to want to continue playing. new mechanics even with such simple controls, love it!.
  19. Brandyn Campbell: This game is relaxing and fun and slightly challenging on jumps lol.
  20. Nkosikhona Zuma: so much fun I could play this for hours.
  21. Lily K: I had so much fun playing this game, challenging and animated stunningly. It saddens me to have reached the end. :'(.
  22. Sterbun: Personally I love this game because it is really difficult. Yes, every level can take up to 10 minutes to complete and that's fine for me; apparently I am a little more patient then others. When you finally complete the level you feel sooo good too! Also is it me or does any one else want to hold and squeeze the blob guy you control?.
  23. Dr Mark Helfand: It is a very different game that is very entertaining. The levels change as you go higher and the way you climb changes. It isn't easy as you climb. A great game.👍.
  24. DisappointMEnt: the game is very good, i especially enjoyed the bonus levels. having gotten rank 1 on b3 and rank 2 on b7 i recommend this game :D.
  25. Alex Skelton: Game 👍.
  26. Jerry Neely: Fun game, but frustrating controls. Horizontal moves are artificially limited by the sides of the screen so that long jumps become impossible, spoiling game play..
  27. Ben LaChapelle: both a good challenge and a relaxing game, in all. it's a good game, should download..
  28. SVP Backup: Holy tadpoles, or whatever these little swimmers are called, this has to be the most addictive game I've played in a long while. Kinda reminds me when I was a kid, playing with the first Nintendo guiding Mario through all the levels. Haven't had this much fun since Beatstar which I loved until I figured out how much $$$ I was spending simply to play ad free. 😱 Great game. Thx! 😁👍.
  29. jnub: Great graphics, fun one-handed gameplay and a nice soundtrack. Plus, it has a very fair upfront asking price and has no ads or microtransactions..
  30. Ilan: Stupendously fun featuring smooth gameplay with amazing music and sound effects [update: 100%'ed the game and got every achievement].
  31. Hanna Todman: a fun, cute, but challenging one-button platformer, well worth it!.
  32. Boros: Very interesting and addictive game. Please make many interesting levels, like 1000 levels at least 😁. That would be nice..
  33. Cindy Ryall: Love it. The game has an increased level of difficulty as you move through but not so much that you find it frustrating. It's very relaxing to play. ❤.
  34. Jessi Grayson: Great animation, color therapy and overall design! Absolutely love this game..
  35. Mustafa Adel: Good and amazing game.
  36. mypenisissmol: I liked it, ultra fun and overall addicting.
  37. Alfredo Lopez: This game was kinda cool, but I haven't played in years because it was paid, but until now I played it before and it was surprisingly good..
  38. Niranjan Dhanawat: Simple, and Fun. Just try it. One of the best ones out there..
  39. m k: Fun! All the elements of a fun game come together in this rare find, graphics, gameplay and sound. Great game..
  40. Leslie: fun, lively, relaxing.
  41. Kritik Varshney: I usually don't put reviews on play store. This game is making me do that. People behind it, you have done an excellent job in building it. Every aspect of it is great. From technical to artistic, it's been a very long time since I came across something so satisfying. Kudos to the entire team, each and everyone of you. I'll be checking out other things you have made. I hope you all are having a good time and that you keep making such amazing things. Much Love ♥️.
  42. Bradley: super easy to learn, the later levels get hard, but not so hard its not relaxing. The sounds and music is pleasing to the ear. There isnt a crazy amount of ads.
  43. Xplo8: Good art style, fun mechanics and each level presents a pretty interesting challenge. I'd say it's pretty good!.
  44. Kat The Fool: So, so fun!! A good time passer..
  45. Michael Marcon: Still not done but I'm luvin it!.
  46. Seb Bird: Really cool core gameplay mechanics, with a lovely aesthetic and soundtrack to boot :).
  47. Liz Miz: Omg shoo cute ,and it doesnt make you sad when u lose. Luv it ❤.
  48. Samual “Sam-I-Am” Williams: Beautiful, peaceful, and addicting game!.
  49. Yehor Nedobieha: Very engaging and pretty styled game, I like it.
  50. Just A Simple Gal: Absolutely love this game! It's such a smart way to do a complex, yet simple mobile game. I have nothing but positive feedback for this beautifully made game. It's so cute, and an amazing way to pass the time. I could play this game for hours! 100% would recommend. It was worth every cent of the money I spent! I am more then satisfied with my purchase. The screenshots of the game don't do it justice. I am definitely a forever fan of these creators!.
  51. Brian L: A super cool game that's quick to learn and easy to get into and just play. Very well done..
  52. Giuseppe Valencia: very fun mechanics.
  53. Aekansh Dixit: After finishing the game: Absolutely loved it! Highly addictive. Want more levels!! Earlier: (4 stars) Normal levels are easy and fun, but the bonus levels with an added timer as well as no checkpoints make it really hard to play..
  54. Keri S: Beautifully designed game - I have no specific complaints. This is just not the type of game that interests me. I prefer puzzle games that exercise the mind. If I wanted to improve my swiping accuracy, then this would be the game, but I spend way too much time swiping on my phone already..
  55. Jay Smith: Awesome cool game really relaxed I enjoy everything about it..
  56. Marci Allred: Very fun, challenging, easy to play, great musicand sound effects..
  57. Maria Rushton: Odd but surprised at the level of difficulty in such a seemingly simple game..
  58. Sic fith: Fun, simple, and original..
  59. Lagmion: Unbelievably charming, so cute and good for passing time. I can't recommend it enough.
  60. J Probably Not: Can be best described as frustrating but fun lol great controls, difficult but fun puzzles, great artwork and soothing background music (which is pretty much required at some points lol).
  61. PikaJade: *grumble* (The goo.
  62. Ryan Mounts: the way the app logo is designed gets me to occasionally open the app only to quickly remember how challenging and addictive game play gets..
  63. Gemmanox S: My favorite mobile game so far. The slingshot mechanic and physics of Angry Birds combined with a climbing/gravity platformer. Smooth running and great graphics. The timed trial and hard mode add a lot to game play, and I'm having a blast! And I have to say: the sound design is top tier..
  64. Beardown Dumbtown: why I'm not on leaderboards I got all achievements, the game is delightful.
  65. Sandro The Editor: Its a go to game, pretty good but got bored in the first hour.
  66. Karl: good fun simple game. mobile is a great platform for this game too.
  67. Magna Thedra: enjoyable, relaxing, but still challenging. really like the movement, and appreciate the color blind mode as well!.
  68. Zachary Brasseur: Great game, very abstract and addicting..
  69. Ian Schuepbach: One of the best designed mobile games ever played, easy one finger playstyle and engaging stuff.
  70. Anna Harris: Fun time waster! Frustrating at times but it's a fine line between being too easy and being so difficult that you just want to quit the game, and I think the devs walk that line very well..
  71. Darienlynn87: It's alright. Kinda like loco roco in a way..
  72. Dorothy Fabian: Ordia is a quirky engrossing game. The mechanics are simple and easily learned. It's an excellent time killer because the levels are difficult enough to keep you trying to beat them without getting too frustrating. Ordia really surprised me in a good way..
  73. Bebo Kaya: really funny and addictive game.
  74. Michael Luna: I think it's a great game. It gets quite challenging as you go. There are different modes for each level, which makes even the easier levels more challenging. I'm very impressed with the idea and the smoothness of the game play. Very well done. It has been worth my time playing it..
  75. Ecárteo: W so big I had to leave a review saying so..
  76. youssef bouzi: Enjoy it.
  77. Zana Marana: very pretty very fun nice audio all around good for when you got a little time to burn while progressing.
  78. PRANAY DHANDE: The game is great especially the sound desgine of the game is great. I am really wondering if adding devs add more levels to it..
  79. Martin Moolhair: Fun strategy.
  80. Alexander “AL Striben” Stribeck bength: this is AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  81. Angela Hoerber: Very fun and stimulating.
  82. Cyra cupcake (c.c): Really fun and easy to learn.
  83. Jason Pook: Fantastic, clean game which is very well made. No micro transactions and well worth the money..
  84. Chester Longbottom: oh yea. this is fun..
  85. Victoria Karoline: Great game, very enjoyable, but it's so hard! I can't play it to relax because it makes me tense up trying to beat some of the levels. It's quite clever, kudos to the developers..
  86. Jordan Steele: This is such a great game...I'm amazed it isn't more popular. Super fun, addictive and challenging..
  87. Ashley Graham: It was great, but at times the "chase" sequences got too frustrating. If I can't play it while waiting for a bus on in a queue, there's no point to play it anymore..
  88. animation domonater: Just don't download NO MATTER IF YOU THINK ITS SATISFYING ITS NOT.
  89. Damian Stennis: First day I tried the game I was addicted it's fun and challenging..
  90. ReeveThePeeve: This game has a beautiful art style with amazing sound design and fun game play. it's good for people who like to 100% games cause while it isn't long, it offers collectibles and different game modes. features a cute character and is an overall 5/5.
  91. Daniel Sleeth: Slightly representative gameplay, but still enjoyable..
  92. IIllIIlIlIIlI: Nice (level) design, super performance. Well done programmers!.
  93. MARY MACARONI S.F. MOB LIVING: so Cool🤪❤️💯.
  94. Muhammad Nazrul Hakim Azhari: Very good to play.
  95. Jordan Bryant: This is so satisfying to play. the mechanics are taught so fluidly, and every level is a new challenge, it does not hold your hand at all. Music and atmosphere are gorgeous. One of the best mobile games I've played in a while.
  96. Robin Bonné: Fun!.
  97. Lance Samuels: Brilliant...just brilliant.
  98. kobydonks: It's simple fun and great for long car journeys..
  99. Руслан Газизов: Just amazing!.
  100. Gary lee Neville: Lots of fun.
  101. Canolista “Canolista”: Oh dear, just another platform game, beautifully executed, but requires dexterity, timing and awareness of angles to play. I thought it would be more than this. Too stressy for me, but if you like these sorts of things, the gameplay is great and stable, and the environment is fun and funny..
  102. Ricosuaveyatusabe: Can you add more levels please? Or comunity levels?.
  103. Murad Mammadov: Love it! Love the way it looks & plays.
  104. Matt: Cute, simple game with a good level of increasing difficulty. The best new game I've found in ages..
  105. Sasha Gallaway: Best experience I've had playing a mobile game since I was 10 on my iPod touch.
  106. Stefan Muller: Nice little game, levels are decently difficult and the collectables aren't annoying to find. The extra modes are a nice touch. The only thing I would like to add is a option to increase the sensitivity of the drag to make it easier to get a full power drag, I struggle a bit since my phone is quite large..
  107. Lisa: What a great game. It's very addicting, fun and I'm loving it. I truly don't want it to end. Awesome devs..
  108. Robert Gibson: Excellent game. I normally don't turn my sound on but the music and ambiance are very relaxing. I'm impressed with the gradual increase in difficulty, it's incredibly smooth and messing up doesn't feel bad at all. You can tell a lot of thought was put into designing this game and I think it has everything a platformer of it's kind needs (like unexpected obstacles, various routes to complete levels, and hidden secrets in maps). Definitely think it's worth the money, you won't be disappointed..
  109. Marcelo Vasquez: it's very good and super enjoyable. Definitely, the best in his category..
  110. Michael Kerns: fun and interesting!.
  111. wqhj studios: I haven't put it down. I love mit.
  112. Mihika Bahadur: Really cute game and easy controls, but still a challenge.
  113. Arden Ethne: Spectacular little platformer. Super unique with some well balanced challenge..
  114. sheep: Beautiful, polished game..
  115. Kadin: I really like the art style and controls it feels very right as a mobile game.
  116. r4bbit mith: This game is awesome but i already finished it so I need to say goodbye to this beautiful game. Goodbye.
  117. mohamed amr: beautiful game and worth the money and tricky as well.
  118. Hugo Strange: Cute basically flawless platformer with great artstyle, accurate and predictable controls and great level design..
  119. Roy Batty: excellent game.
  120. Kaif Ahmed (Brother Kaif): A masterclass in polished simplicity. Minimalist design choices and fantastic presentation. This is a standout indie title..
  121. Ksanbah Lyngwa: Enjoyable so far.
  122. Gareth Murphy: Fun little time waster with great presentation, sound and simple mechanics. There's a decent variety of obstacles and ramp up in difficulty as they're introduced, although it can get frustrating at times. Easily one to keep installed long-term to chip away at the achievements..
  123. Cody Oranchuk: This game is a truly great pick up and play "platformer" (not sure exactly what else to call it). It's super simple but extremely well executed! The control is perfect for mobile devices, the visuals are colorfully eye catching and the whole package feels very well polished. A rare gem amongst the mountains of mobile games! A+.
  124. Peter Weston: Simple yet beautiful. Really love this game. If you want to pass a few minutes or even an hour without hurting your brain, this is it. Well done Devs..
  125. Thiago Russo: Very nice game with simple mechanic that is easy to play but difficult to master. the sounds are great and visual is very good.
  126. Serenity Hall: Honestly the only phone game that I find slightly challenging and fun. It's also cute.
  127. Lera “Eva” Rosalene: Very fun and challenging (especially in races and hardcore mode) and beautiful but so small it hurts 💔.
  128. Denys Zhyrun: Great game!.
  129. BJ Adam: Simple, Fun and Challenging! Great time killer..
  130. Ebuka Mmaduekwe: This is a fun relaxing game. I love this , the graphics are also great... I love Ordia 💘.
  131. Rational Soul: The game is extremely amazing, with excellent graphics and sound effects. I'd like to see a shop element added..
  132. Rachel De La Rue: Fun an Funky Game.
  133. Alex M.: Fun platform that keeps introducing new mechanics and builds upon it. It is not too challenging but not easy.
  134. Neofall: Really awesome game! Despite the simple mechanics, the presentation is very good and it's a nice game to pass the time to. :).
  135. Sandor Dost: Awesome game.
  136. Noemi Magyar: my favorite game 🎯.
  137. Daniel McClain (S4LR0NN): Fun for a bit but repetitive.
  138. Sirichai Chan.: Best game on my phone.
  139. Abdulaziz Alomran: Recommended game just try it.
  140. P Hernandez: Nice game. a bit frustrating, but in a good (challenging) way. Invert direction would be a nice option..
  141. Deezeezed 1: This game just sucks.
  142. Anon Anon: Simply amazing. Smooth graphics and intuitive controls. Easy recommend..
  143. Vivek Roachthavilit: The graphic is nice and soothing and the game is simple, but challenging. great fun..
  144. AMIRHOSSEIN SHIN: this is an art.
  145. Howard Kingston: A superbly satisfying central game mechanic beautifully executed. Great visual and audio design. After an admittedly rather sudden jolt up in difficulty after the opening (free demo) levels, it continues adding new game mechanics and turning up the difficulty at a brisk and entertaining rate. Once completed a generous amount of replay value is to be found in completing hard and time trial modes. I imagine after a lapse I will reset the game and happily play it through again. I loved it..
  146. Gergely Kőrössy: Pretty fun game. Wish there were more levels..
  147. Zeddicus Reffitt: I really like the game I just really like the game I used to have this and now I have it again but I didn't make it this far so I'd like to just try to beat the game thanks for making the game like this.
  148. Pedro Vitoriano: This game is amazing, it has pretty graphics and changeling puzzles. I really love this game.
  149. Alpine Womble: simply beautiful.
  150. Eyzak Funk: Audio is botched on OnePlus 7T.

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Android ag teastáil: 4.4.
Déan measúnú: 2671.
Rátáil Ábhar: Everyone.
Suiteáil: 50,000+.
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Forbróirí: Loju.
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