NEO.emu Mod

NEO.emu [HACK & MOD]

Aithriseoir Neogeo MVS/AES. NEO.emu Mod vVARY

Nuashonrú: 16/03/2023
Costas: 3.99

Íosluchtaigh NEO.emu Mod VARY le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios Varies with device

Stua foinse oscailte Neogeo chun cinn agus aithriseoir córais baile bunaithe ar Gngeo le UI íostach agus fócas ar latency íseal fuaime/físe, ag tacú le raon leathan gléasanna ón Xperia Play bunaidh go gléasanna nua-aimseartha cosúil leis an Nvidia Shield agus fóin Pixel.< br>
Áirítear ar na gnéithe:
* Tacaíonn MAME 0.144 nó tacair níos nuaí ( ag teastáil le haghaidh BIOS)
* Tacaíonn sé le Cruinne Bios le heagarthóireacht dhíreach ar réigiún agus mód ón roghchlár aip
* Inchumraithe ar- rialuithe scáileáin
* Bluetooth/USB gamepad & tacaíocht mhéarchláir atá comhoiriúnach le haon ghléas HID atá aitheanta ag an OS amhail rialaitheoirí Xbox agus PS4

Níl aon ROManna san áireamh leis an aip seo agus ní mór don úsáideoir iad a sholáthar. Tacaíonn sé le creat rochtana stórála Android chun comhaid a oscailt ar stóráil inmheánach agus sheachtrach (cártaí SD, tiomántáin USB, srl.).

Féach ar an liosta comhoiriúnachta:

Féach ar an logchomhad iomlán nuashonraithe:

Lean forbairt mo chuid apps ar GitHub agus tuairiscigh saincheisteanna:

Tuairiscigh aon tuairteanna nó fadhbanna a bhaineann go sonrach le gléas trí ríomhphost (cuir ainm do ghléis agus OS san áireamh leagan) nó GitHub mar sin leanann nuashonruithe sa todhchaí ar aghaidh ag rith ar an oiread gléasanna agus is féidir.

Íoslódáil saor in aisce NEO.emu [HACK & MOD] le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan VARY. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Aithriseoir Neogeo MVS/AES. Arna fhorbairt ag Robert Broglia. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin Varies with device. Everyone.

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* Deisigh saincheist a thaispeánann teachtaireachtaí earráide agus inneachar á luchtú
* Deisigh an tsaincheist nach ndéantar cuimhne chúltaca a athlódáil nuair a atosaítear aithrise ó shocruithe a athrú i nGníomhartha an Chórais.

Trácht nua

  1. kimochiii: ey ! esta madre debería tener un pinshi tutorial . no está claro donde deben estar los roms y ni como ejecutarlos :<.
  2. Paulo Cardoso: A great neo geo emulator for android. :-).
  3. mistermorcus: .emu emulators are simply the best. they are consistently good and have great support from the author..
  4. Ryan G. Hughes: Dev never responded to my email about a refund.
  5. Jeremy Halibas: the best.
  6. Jeff M: SVC Chaos: How do You get SVC Chaos to work on this emulator??? It's the only one I can't get to play and I've tried all different versions and copies of it. Please Help! :(.
  7. Albert Martin Ligue: Not working.
  8. James ng navotas: Can't use it.
  9. Jmartin JT: bad, doesn't work. I can't load any games. don't waste your money.
  10. Charley Gall: Doesn't work.
  11. Chris O: Neo.emu's shortcomings don't come from the app itself (which is just as great as the others), but rather by the fact that GnGeo is not the most accurate thing and stopped development years ago. Broglia tries very hard here, but this just can't top arcade emulators in the NeoGeo realm. Final Burn Neo is worth the trouble over this..
  12. MAC& Droiduser: Please inlcude landscape option in Video setting! It is helpful for Desktop mode on Android!.
  13. The Shermans: I had been looking for a neo geo emulator for at least a month. On each game. Half of my games wouldn't work, and the controls were bonkers. When ai launched the system, it was able to tell me rhe issue right off and now I can play all of them. I love the .EMU series, but this one was especially good for a complex console..
  14. Naufal Umam: This emulator needs a lot of trial and error. My mistake was using FBA roms, when I used the correct version of MAME roms, it worked very well. The official website gave me so much clartiy on how it should work.
  15. Fab Pell: Works very well. Can someone explain how to setup a BT gamepad? I am trying to use the nVidia Shield but it's not working. thanks..
  16. mike a: Got neogeo,zip and still nothing works, I am trying the actual neo Geo ROMs also. Rather use mame4droid, I know that works.
  17. XB1PS4 Gaming: Omg I'm so happy I got it to work .....however only works for a few games for me right now......having more luck using MAME4droid and it's a free app, lol.....
  18. Brooklyn Bred: Does not work nor does the one for c64.
  19. Scuba steve: How tf you gonna charge 3.99 and not have any games preloaded on the emulator? P.o.s.
  20. Dash Dazza: No picture on Galaxy Tab A7. Games run and controllers are detected but black screen. Tried all suggestions. Funny thing is in options I can use system memory, openGL PBO and Hardware buffer (none of these show a picture,but games run)however I cant change GPU copy mode to "(Auto)optimal mode" for some reason. It just keeps reverting to "Hardware buffer". I'm fairly certain this is the issue. My SNK games however run flawlessly on the Galaxy Tab A7 using the Mame4driod emulator. Go figure. Sorry about 1 star, but I cant rate what I cant see. Id definitely say 4 or 5 stars if it was sorted..
  21. Dan Smirnov: Emulator is great, but lacks compatibly with some of my favorite neo geo titles. Will give 5 stars as soon as the compability is improved..
  22. Pablo R.: I don't think anybody provides better emulators on Android than Robert Broglia. Nor even Retroarch. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. Absolutely recommended!..
  23. Billy: Probably the best Neo Geo emulator for Android. It lets you pick from most all or possibly all Unibios settings. I've been using RetroArch for Neo Geo but this stand alone emulator is much better. Show a little patience and learn the settings. You will be rewarded with Neo Geo emulation that is beautiful and accurate. There are far more useful settings than original hardware. I LOVE THIS APP!!.
  24. TINOCOS: Well o guess I'm to stpd to figure it out maybe a YouTube video would help.
  25. Hunter Bungay: The best of the best of the best..
  26. curtis wilson: Love the emulator, except one simple thing: when using an Xbox one controller, sometimes, it don't want to work while playing. Fix that, and it'll be back 5 stars..
  27. David Newton: Excellent!.
  28. J Will: I had originally rated this one star, but have since figured out how to get it running. First and foremost, YOU NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN BIOS FILES. I did not expect this, given all the other ".emu" emulators don't require it. Also, the arcade bios has noticeable input lag. Fortunately, the console bios doesnt have this issue. Sadly, "SNK vs Capcom" won't work on the console bios..
  29. A Google user: Your the MAN For bringing my Neo Geo and Turbographx back to life. if u dont give these emus 5 stars.....why are they still on your phone..
  30. Andrew Stiteler: This app is a joke and there are no instructions. Perhaps it works but I'm done wasting my time trying to figure this out. Refund incoming..
  31. President Camacho: Spent days trying to make this app work. No dice..
  32. Ram Ram: Cool.
  33. Fartin Luther King Junior: Roms wont load none of them i have the exact same directory on almost every emulator and dont have this problem.
  34. James T: Needs Neo Geo CD support. Please add..
  35. Sung Cho: Reading thru reviews, knowing that there will be issues, I still got it today (6-5-20) & there are indeed quite a few problems. It runs good enough, but there are issues, esp some games just don't work (BTW, I only tried handful of games so far). The following games are stuck on the initial blue screen: KOF 2003, Metal Slug 5, & SNK vs. Capcom doesn't work. And for KOF 2001, the life bar is missing :) Temporary solution? I play all of those games on MAME4droid (0.139u1) instead, which works fine. For the record, I use LG G8X phone, Android 10. Please fix those issues. I know you can do better, as I own majority of your emu apps, PCE.emu being my favorite, thanks. Also guys roms should be compatible with Mame 0.139u1 (just google), & also you have to have Neo Geo Bios (don't unzip) on the same folder as your roms. Happy gaming..
  36. C.J Vel: A truly amazing NEO GEO emulator. Took me a while to learn how to hook it up, but in the end I was able to play multiple games that I've either hadn't played in years or just simply never played before. Thank you so much for this good sir!.
  37. Gryfieh The Gryphoness: I love it it works for me so I can only play Metal Slug and other games for thank you so much! :D.
  38. Joseph Drake: Good Neo-Geo emulator!! But i can't run mslug5 its shows a blue screen!! Please fix it.
  39. Mr. Francisco Maldonado: No one of my ROOMS WORKS WITH this app ....this app sucks.
  40. A Google user: This emulator works great once you find a room site that has working ROMs! So that's why some have a problem. Getting working ROMs is a little harder than say for a snes emulator. But if you Google search safe sites you will find one fairly quickly. As for controller lag? Nope! Haven't had this at all! Playing Blazing Star, Metal Slug, Last Resort etc no issues. These are games that demand quick response, so you would know it if it was happening. I am using an 8bitdo sf30 pro on a galaxy tab 3..
  41. A Google user: Thank you Robert Broglia for bringing this Neo Geo emulator to Google Play, my only grip is the lack of fixes for games with issues, some still unplayable: kof2000- kof2003, Fatal Fury 2, Metal Slug 3 to 5, samsho5 and SNK vs Capcom.... Please work on that..
  42. A Google user: Ever since new updates i have been experiencing serious lag in the middle of games. Earlier versions worked great on my lenovo tablet. Anyway this can be fixed?.
  43. A Google user: Tried playing Bust-A-Move on an Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 using an Xbox One controller (Bluetooth) and there is noticeable input lag..
  44. A Google user: Another incredible emulator by truly one of the best developers on the market. Not only has Rob been able to produce THE best neo geo emulator on the market, but his customer service is unparalleled by any other developer on the market, HANDS DOWN. I had some initial challenges getting this going (all my doing) and Rob responded to every one of my emails immediately and until I was successful in getting this to work. Thanks for all you do Rob!.
  45. A Google user: Doesn't work and can't get refund.
  46. A Google user: Terrible experience couldn't play a rom wasn't going to waste time figuring out how to do something that should take less than 5 min..
  47. A Google user: Awesome emulator works great bad reviews are people that can't use this simple emulator not the emulators fault.
  48. A Google user: Couldn't get it to work with pretty much anything.
  49. A Google user: Basic emulator, works great with android 10. You just need the correct roms..
  50. A Google user: DON'T DOWNLOAD worst app that I have ever down loaded just a waste of money.
  51. A Google user: I really wanted to play metal slug. but this emulator keeps telling me an error occurred.
  52. A Google user: I bought it on my cell phone and my shield shows that I have to buy it again.
  53. A Google user: Works perfectly! great on my note 8! So easy to set up! Simply go to your My Files or whatever. Click onto internal storage. Create Folder Neo Geo. click on Neogeo folder. create a ROMS folder. now go download for Mame file. next dl a Neogeo Mame game rom file. it has to be a mame file. simply move those 2 files under the ROMS folder together. they have to both be in the ROMS folder. boot up and OYE! Got game! do the same with any other Neogeo mame rom to play. Good job Robert!👏🏼!.
  54. A Google user: Incredible app. Well worth the money.
  55. A Google user: Great Neo Geo emulator as long as you use MAME Neo Geo roms and not just standard Neo Geo roms then it will work just fine. You will have to search in the MAME directory of rom websites through all of the other rom game files to find the MAME Neo Geo roms, but it is worth it to have your own portable Neo Geo..
  56. A Google user: terrible.
  57. A Google user: great app.
  58. A Google user: won't load roms..
  59. A Google user: i want a refund because i have downloaded many games but this emu wont read them..
  60. A Google user: good.
  61. A Google user: Runs well, Looks nice and seems perfect for devices such as the GPD XD Plus however there is severe input lag on this emulator so special moves in fighters will be tricky to pull off unless you're compensating for the input lag. Shame, Otherwise like the rest of the .emu series it'd be perfect..
  62. A Google user: I was extremely hesitant to pay for this as I've been unable to get the and assocaited rom set to work with the latest version of MAME (2.06). I ultimately just wanted to run Neo Geo on my android, where I have my Sega Genesis and SNES emulators, and I so I took a chance with this. I was really surprised to see that it worked immediately, all I had to do was transfer over the roms and most of them work. There are a few exceptions, maybe 30% of the ones I've tried so far don't work and result in some error indicating that some file is missing but most of them do. Growing up with the original Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy and SNES I always wanted to play games on Neo Geo but never could and the thing was extremely rare owing to how expensive it was. All I can say is WOW, if I had seen the quality of these titles when I was younger I would have been BLOWN completely away. This app works great, there is some slowdown with my phone, Samsung Galaxy S7, but that's to be par for the course with emulation. Maybe a brand new $800 Galaxy S9 or equivalent can run it but yeah, it's not that bad, and I'm not even sure it's not how the slow down was with the original Neo Geo.
  63. A Google user: This is amazing. i can see why i wanted a neo geo so badly when i was a kid..
  64. A Google user: comparability is just awful, hope you like the 3 games you get running..
  65. A Google user: How can i make it work ? Because i downloaded games but i cant play them.
  66. A Google user: This is very simple to get running. Honestly if you know about Neo Geo you should be able to figure this app out. It runs very well. Metal slug plays better on my note8 than on my actual real Saturn version of the game. 3.99 is a steal for this. I should know, I have TWO working AES systems, and many games..
  67. A Google user: This is in my opinion, Robert's best work. To not only have PERFECT emulation, a plethora of connectivity options, but to be able to utilize the universal bios(once found) out of the box? Simply outstanding. To those having issues, you need MAME roms(0.144 or newer) and the file..
  68. A Google user: Neo Geo games play well! Though there's some lag with controllers in this emulator during intense moments but other than that, very well done!.
  69. A Google user: audio is broken, developer is not responding.
  70. A Google user: Don't listen to ignorant people who have no idea about emulators. Unlike other console emulators, you need bios for neogeo emulators. Don't blame this emulator for it. Just the way it is if you want to play neogeo games..
  71. A Google user: This is way too much work to get working . I don't have the patience to set this up on my phone. You may not want to buy this. Because it will make you want to break your phone..
  72. A Google user: When I try to open a downloaded game, I get a ' not found' error message. If I use the file manager app, I can't find the emulator app at all. I have other console emulators and they are all there. I have the older free version of this on an older tablet that worked perfectly straight away. I downloaded the game .zip files from exactly the same site in exactly the same way to my 'downloads' folder..
  73. A Google user: Great application, work smoothly, fast and easy to use, easy configuration.
  74. A Google user: No option to get red blood on metal slug.
  75. A Google user: The app works good i was having problems at the beginig but it works now just ask for help it does work !!!! Thank u thank u very much know i can play KOF lol, update on compatible games more games kof 2002 or newer more mslug ? Upda.
  76. A Google user: Very good app..
  77. A Google user: Perfect emulation of the Neo Geo. Using M9C Max Android TV Box. Thank you..
  78. A Google user: Yo Bro(glia), there's a lot of input lag in this emulator. I can tell because while playing Ninja Commando, the characters will often keep moving for a half second after I release the D-pad. It doesn't matter if I'm using wireless or wired controllers, because I notice the lag with both. It makes the wealth of fighting games in the Neo-Geo library feel sluggish and keeps me from enjoying them to their fullest. Any chance you could fix this?.
  79. A Google user: Just sad I have to always manually switch the bios from the menu. Doesn't save my choice....
  80. A Google user: Didn't get the refund option either. My Roms from a PC emulator don't work with it so will be forced to spend hours hunting down the correct Roms. Don't know about you others but I don't buy apps in order to spend hours getting them running!.
  81. A Google user: You just need to download the bios and after download the rom, then you can have hours of diversion playing games like metal slug and king of fighters. Just amazing..
  82. A Google user: Hey! Love your emus, have them all. I am having issues with this saving the bios version I would like to use. I set MVS as the default but each time I close out it defaults back to unibios 2.3. Any suggestions? nvidia shield console..
  83. A Google user: love it.
  84. A Google user: Thanks again for great emulation.
  85. A Google user: games don't load from the load game menu, only from the load game from list menu. this causes the front end "nostalgia" not to be able to load the games. it needs to load from the load game menu and not the latter. please fix asap!!!!!! please respond with email or anything.
  86. A Google user: Great emulator as usual from Robert..
  87. A Google user: The app is just ok. I really didn't like the fact that you have to keep setting your controller layout every time you open a game. For some reason it doesn't save it. If this were fixed then I would say 5 stars. You have a great app and this is big factor that is holding it back..
  88. A Google user: Great!.
  89. A Google user: Works great.
  90. A Google user: Works Fine with my Samsung Note 3 AND Note Edge. ..And it'll be perfect if a direct recognise a 8bitdo handheld devices.👍.
  91. A Google user: Pésimo emulador.
  92. A Google user: It would be better if it includes bios.
  93. A Google user: Broglia makes the best emulators for Android period. Powerful apps. Pretty awesome support..
  94. A Google user: Only problem is I updated app recently and have a few blue screens still. Developer please fix....
  95. A Google user: Otherwise it works well with every other game I've tried playing. It also recognizes my dinput fighpad..
  96. A Google user: Do not Buy unless you seriously know what you're doing. I know I'm not... You need the correct roms set with are hard to find. Followed the procedure online with no luck. No reply from the developer..
  97. A Google user: I can't load any game, it keeps telling me it's in the Rom directory. I followed the instructions when I installed the emulator but I don't know what I'm missing. Where should I download the roms and where should I install them..
  98. A Google user: Robert: Can you update it to work with Universe BIOS 3.2? It works with 3.1..
  99. A Google user: Works beautifully on GPD XD and Shield Portable. However, Update is needed for UniBIOS 3.2 . Also, might be much, but is there any way to add the NeoGeo Rom Hacks from Nebuwaks? Would add tons of extra Games/Versions to the List :D.
  100. A Google user: The ability to play roms on my Android is one of the many reasons i haven't made the move to Apple. The emulator suite created by this developer is one of my most prized apps on my phone/tablet. They just work and i haven't had any issues (except when i updated to 6.0 but quickly resolved)..
  102. A Google user: Is there a way to increase the coin/credit count to more than the 4 it starts you with?.
  103. A Google user: On my Note 3 it brings up Google play option or a game from Google play randomly. I have forced stop, move data to sd card on the app and Google play..
  104. A Google user: With the right rom set its great, although performance chugs when things get hectic on shmups and metal slug games on Galaxytab 2 10.1.
  105. A Google user: Ok.
  106. A Google user: Good.
  107. A Google user: Another fine piece of work from Mr. Broglia. For cheats just use Universe BIOS..
  108. A Google user: Amazing emulator, definitely worth the price..
  109. A Google user: Many updates, bugs are gone..
  110. A Google user: Perfect if you have the right set!.
  111. A Google user: Great update.
  112. A Google user: Well, controversies apart about the code origins, Neo.Emu offers very accurate emulation of Neo Geo AES and MVS. With any regular android, the results are impressive without any slowdown. It offers filters, autodetects most controllers, has a nice UI,... it is very well done. Like most emulators, it requires some time to get configured and find the proper ROMs. Thus, don´t pay much attention to all the 1 star comments saying the emulator does not run. Still, I find it could be vastly improved, if only it offered support for Neo Geo CD and probably links to downloadable guides, The idea of getting the CD soundtracks, with no loading times in a handheld could be like the ultimate NG experience..
  113. A Google user: There are cheats for these Neo-Geo Games in MAME. Can these be ported into a database for NEO Emu. These games are infuriatingly hard and I would love to cheat on them. Please update the game with an inbuilt cheat menu and codes and I shall give 5 stars immediately!!!!!.
  114. A Google user: This runs just about every game and supports usb controllers perfectly. Outstanding app. - Optimus G Pro with CM12.
  115. A Google user: four bright buttons and two joysticks.
  116. A Google user: It's kinda hard to find the roms that work with this emu but it's totally worth it! Runs smooth as cream in my device and I don't know what kind of vodoo magic he made with the sound but it sounds awesome !(Maybe it is the upsampling to 44.1kHz). What about creating a CPS1/2/3 Emu? :).
  117. A Google user: Really good Neo Emu, may be one of the best. I will give 5 stars with these improvements: 1) Activate blood settings without entering boot menu (as for region and mode) 2) Make all games working properly, especially: kof20003, mslug5, samsho5, svc 3) Possibility to save bios choice and settings (MVS, unibios, blood, cheats) for each game, because some games work with MVS bios but not with unibios (mslug4 as ex) 4) add unibios 3.2 support.
  118. A Google user: This emu could be perfect if it could support all games. Please update so we can play SNK vs Capcom, KoF 2000-2003, Samurai Shodown V, Metal Slug 5, etc. Thanks..
  119. A Google user: This guy knows what his doing when it comes to emulators. Maby a N 64 Robert :) looking forward for more from you..
  120. A Google user: A complete triumph..
  121. A Google user: Nice.
  122. A Google user: Severe slow downs in metal slug games... Is it the games or the emulator? Still slow after update..
  123. A Google user: Please do fix this for android 5.0! It worked well on KitKat..
  124. A Google user: Works great on the note 4. Definitely worth the money..
  125. A Google user: Great app! Works PERFECTLY with my Red Samurai Bluetooth controller. I didn't even have to map my buttons like other emulators..
  126. A Google user: The emulator works perfectly. Really like the ability to switch between home console and arcade version of the same game. Thanks a lot for the inclusion of the HQ shader. Remember guys you need the MAME version of the roms to use this emulator..
  127. A Google user: I just bought this earlier and I want refund. Reply asap.
  128. A Google user: Doesn't read my roms...keeps telling me make sure the rom directory....need help....
  129. A Google user: <3.
  130. A Google user: Thanks so much dude,, i was going to buy the new neogeo x arcade system,, but now i don't have too,, all the roms i have found works perfect,, just wondering if anybody knows where to get a good working from ???? all other mslug work !!!!!thanks so much.
  131. A Google user: Best Neo Geo emulator hands down for android.....once you have bios working its smooth sailing...reminds me of my childhood days..
  132. A Google user: Continues to amaze me! Robert's emulators are the best! *NeoGeo CD, cough, cough; N64, cough, cough; Final Burn, cough, cough* hint, hint, wink, wink! Surprise us, I will buy!.
  133. A Google user: Get the neogeo BIOS, and the MAME ROMs and expect greatness!. For those having problems please read the manual / check the compatibility list. Robert - fancy making an N64 emu next?.
  134. A Google user: Its a good emulator however lot's of games dont work, and getting the correct bios files can be tricky..
  135. A Google user: I recommend this emulator to classic games fans..
  136. A Google user: I am amazed at how well this guy ports emulators! It is worth the small amount of money, as it runs very well... and is very easy to use..
  137. A Google user: I recently downloaded this emulator in hopes of playing my metal slug rom but I am having no luck in running my rooms please help I'm not giving up.
  138. A Google user: What a load of crap dont work caut play games I downloaded dont buy it its a really rubbish app hate it waste of time.
  139. A Google user: chintt.
  140. A Google user: Despite promises of updates years ago, this emulator is still missing compatibility with most of my favorite games such as Sengoku 3 and SvC. Very disappointing that not a single game has been added to the compatibility list since the initial release..
  141. A Google user: Same as the NESEMU the fps needs a little work.
  142. A Google user: When you find the correct bios this emulator works great..
  143. A Google user: I struggled with this at first but now running great. Trick is to get the correct bios and rom sets. I went wrong by using neo geo roms rather than mame roms- compatibe list from Roberts link. As another reviewer said, a CPS1/2 emulator with the same user friendliness would be great..
  144. A Google user: I downloaded the neo geo. Zip file and put it where it told me to however the emulator crashes everytime I try to load a run. I do not have this problem with any other emulators. This is on my s note 3. Don't buy until fixed.
  145. A Google user: Can never load a game. Always crashes. Please fix.
  146. A Google user: Great Neogeo emulator.
  147. A Google user: I own all of Robert Broglia's emulators, and they are always the best. With a very consistent interface and high compatibility/performance, they set the standard. My only complaint is that he should make more of them!!.
  148. A Google user: Awesome Emulator that should not be second guessed by anyone that owned the Neo Geo game system back in the day. All the emulators made by this developer are by far the best on any app market. Create ROM folder and place games in folder. Games can be downloaded directly onto phone from net. Look for Neo Geo Roms. Good luck. Download ES file from playstore then go to selected website and download Neo Geo Roms not Mame directly to your phone along with Neo Geo bios. Create folder Neo Mvs and store roms..
  149. A Google user: Wish I didn't have to tell it not to use the unibios every time I run it... othee than that...awesome..
  150. A Google user: Every emulator that I purchased from the developer works right out of the box. Google searching for the right BIOS is an inconvenience. I do not want a refund. I just want everything included with the software that I purchase. Can you include the BIOS in the next update?.

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