Mormon Trail Mod

Mormon Trail {MOD_HACK}

Conair Old School Oregon le Mormon Twist. Mormon Trail Mod v13

Nuashonrú: 16/03/2023
Costas: 1.99

Íosluchtaigh Mormon Trail Mod 13 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 4.4

Taisteal ar an bhunchonair Mormon ar thaistil lonnaitheoirí Latter Day Saint (LDS) ar aghaidh chun Utah a aimsiú. Áirítear seilg, trádáil, imeachtaí randamacha, agus bainistíocht sláinte.

Gan fógraí, níl aon cheannacháin in aipeanna, níl ann ach cluiche simplí.

Íoslódáil saor in aisce Mormon Trail {MOD_HACK} le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 13. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Conair Old School Oregon le Mormon Twist. Arna fhorbairt ag Guinea Pig Games LLC. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 4.4. Everyone.

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Réitíodh saincheist ama leis an bhfiach.

Trácht nua

  1. Shane Hurley: I solely bought it for the biblical aspects. It was like the dev created a basic Oregon Trail and just stopped year short of perfecting it, but for an adult buying under the top paid Educational videogames there is only this and Stack the States 2 to choose from. Most irritating thing {can't save the game} and trading needs to be improved. Found out game easily beat in 1 hour flat where all but one person on my trail left alive where I deduced this game worth 49c not 1.99. Need to add hard mode!.
  2. melissa petersen: I can't get pass putting my name in. The game doesn't work and i can't play it. Fix it or give back my money..
  3. Joseph Maki: I got dysentery instantly and drowned fording 2 feet of water..
  4. skye grimes: Closed the app and it restarted the whole game.
  5. Matt Davis: 'Mormon Trail' is a strategy game where you're a wagoneer who is tasked with making good decisions to help get yourself and your fellow settlers to Utah. It was inspired by "The Oregon Trail Deluxe". I highly recommend buying this game. --PROS: It works/plays great. The graphics are nice and surprisingly varied. The music samples are excellent. Controls are perfect. Lots of replayability. No problematic permissions. --CONS: A couple of bugs; nothing that impacts normal gameplay though..
  6. Heather Rodolph: I did not originally like this app. When I was a child my first experience on computers was Oregon trail. This did not seem close enough. But as I have played it, I have found myself enjoying the experience. And I have to remember some one is devoting their personal time to this. To be honest, I think this is pretty great. Considering the fact that we are getting it for free. And it is it is more like Oregon Trail than I originally thought. It's a pretty great nostalgic game..
  7. Xeno: Well a save function would be nice please incase the game freezes, was half way through and froze..
  8. Taylor Spencer: Good stuff, buddy.
  9. Gayle: Simple and entertaining like the original..
  10. Alisha Baker: Very fun game reminds me of the old computer game. Worth the money..
  11. Lillian Beyer: Anytime you exit the app it restarts and you lose all progress 🤦‍♀️.
  12. Austin Kenner: I was hoping for a witty reimagination of a classic video game. This is not that..
  13. Bryan b: Too easy..
  14. Elizabeth Louise (Liza): This is such a cute little game and just like the original Oregon Trail. It is a little simple but so was the original so I'm happy with it..
  15. BenjaminH: It's really good honestly. I found this in the related section after updating the LDS library app which is funny considering I'm a fan of Orgeon trail and an LDS member. Deserves GOTY tbh better than Elden Ring 11/10.
  16. Joe Formica: Broken. Also... Broken..
  17. Heather Andre: Way too basic.
  18. Dave Sitzes: Like the nostalgia of it, but unable to play through. I accidentally hit the back button a couple of times, and it loses my game completely. Have to start over from beginning. What a hassle. Not sure if it was worth what I paid or not because I haven't made it past the first fort. Needs to be an auto save due to play is in portrait mode..
  19. Mike jr: Thank you exactly what i been wanting..
  20. Val Polyakh: Fun game, an Oregon Trail implementation for Android with a healthy dose of Christianity :) Nice graphics inspired by the original..
  21. Aaron: It's a great game. no in-app purchases and no ads which is always a benefit. It reminds me of going to one of the local universities and playing this game after doing homework. One suggestion have a option to set the level of easiness to harness. Other than that I love the game.
  22. Tommy Gilmore: Very fun. Couple of small bugs, but the game plays well and it's fun..
  23. Josh Lowe: Reminds me a lot of the old Oregon Trail. This feels a little harder but it's still pretty fun.

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Leagan: 13.
Android ag teastáil: 4.4.
Déan measúnú: 31.
Rátáil Ábhar: Everyone.
Suiteáil: 1,000+.
Táirge: .
Forbróirí: Guinea Pig Games LLC.
Vótaí: 3.8.
Idirghníomhach: .
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