Mindcell Mod

Mindcell [HACK + MOD]

shooter tríú duine i ndomhan cyberpunk. Mindcell Mod v1.63

Nuashonrú: 16/03/2023
Costas: 5

Íosluchtaigh Mindcell Mod 1.63 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 5.0

Mindcell – an eachtra tríú duine ar domhan go luath amach anseo. Gearrtar pianbhreith ar an bpríomhcharachtar a bheith ábhartha do thurgnaimh eolaíochta, ach ní bheidh sé ag cur suas lena leithéid de chinniúint ar chor ar bith. Ar thóir bealaigh amach caithfidh sé a thabhairt chun cuimhne cad a tharla dó agus conas mar a tháinig sé anseo.
Ní fhágfaidh an lucht géarleanúna an teifeach leis féin, pé áit a bhfuil sé ag dul.
Agus tá achrann mór romhainn. Ag dul tríd an scéal leis an príomh-charachtar, déan iarracht a fháil amach na spriocanna atá ag do lucht cuardaigh agus a thuiscint cé hé do chomhghuaillí fíor.

Gnéithe Cluiche:
+ Scéal spreagúil le dialóga, carachtair agus puzail.< br>+ Tá an feachtas líonadh le intrigue agus cath.
+ Suímh éagsúla, naimhde agus bosses.
+ Coimhlintí a chomhrac Dún agus skirmishes dian.
+ Grafaicí dian agus dúthrachtach déanta.
+ Barrfheabhsú maith agus an cumas feidhmíocht a choigeartú.
+ rialtáin shimplí, a thugann saoirse iomlán gníomhaíochta.
+ Tacaíocht gamepad

Íoslódáil saor in aisce Mindcell [HACK + MOD] le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.63. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. shooter tríú duine i ndomhan cyberpunk. Arna fhorbairt ag Ray Spark. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 5.0. Teen.

Gnéithe Cluiche Hack MOD

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Leagan Cluiche MOD íoctha

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– Deisigh fabht a d’fhéadfadh rialuithe a dhíchumasú tar éis briseadh airm.
– Anois tá sé mar aidhm ag an gceamara féin an namhaid is gaire agus é ag ionsaí le hairm melee
– Anois is féidir leat méid an bhuille, an bhloic agus na tine a athrú cnaipí sa roghchlár sos. .

Trácht nua

  1. Devin Moler: Not a very fun games at all.
  2. Jesus Radillo: Really Good 👍.
  3. Joe: Unfortunately it doesn't work on my device. It won't even install..
  4. Ralfs: If you know Russian well it's gonna be more enjoyable but really fun and interesting story game. Really suggest to try it..
  5. OGKushDelta10: Great game but sometimes there will be times I can't pick up weapons or use computer.. Other than that nice work...
  6. Batchmaker J: Hey! Fix slaughter 3 so I don't have problems downloading it in the future on new phones!.
  7. Lag Demon: Earlier, i reviewed this game as "great, but buggy" when all I really needed to do was restart the game. Now I fully realize, this is an absolute masterpiece! There have been so many wild events taking place that made my experiece more enjoyable. This is what the Unity Engine was made for..
  8. Jimi: OK great for the price.
  9. Stephanie Smith: Great game but fix the glitching please wanna be able to play correctly.
  10. Michael Ashley: Amazing game 100stars.
  11. Joel Ross: This game was horrible and impossible to play The fact that everything in the game is in another language makes it not worth the headache to navigate through the menus and settings you can't understand because you don't speak the language it's in. Then I see people giving this game great reviews. How???!!!! They must speak the language this unplayable game was made in . A language settings does wonders..
  12. Steve Somerville: It's a good game with decent story but once you get to a certain boss fight no spoilers it's impossible to win as the odds are stacked against you 99-1 he's too powerful better weapons 50x more health and your attacks do nothing to him I got sick of repeatedly dying and trying again so I deleted it which is a shame I wanted to no what happened at the end..
  14. Gabe L: Loved the game the graphics and the story I'll admit the story was a little slow but was good the only problem I had with it was the fighting mechanics I kept getting nocked down and when I tried to get up they wouldn't let me and it also wouldn't let me block but otherwise good game.
  15. Druettus Edward T.: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.
  16. Sharkus Velarde: I like it as a phone game, graphics are fabulous, controls are great also except the attack/block buttons are in the way when looking. Would be nice to have them moved downwards. No glitches or lag issues at all, great job! CAN WE GET A PART 2??.
  17. Joshua Wiggins: They don't make games like this anymore..until now, great music great art, it's fun to play reminds me of PS2 games.
  18. Matyas Odor: Everything is okay except I cannot go through a gate in the prolog 😕.
  19. Johny one: Controls stink,the guy walks like their is something on his feet no english language what a waste im really dissapointed.
  20. Oyabun: Boring, russian dialogues are stiff and liveless.
  21. chad smith: It's a pretty good game but the controls definitely need some fine tuning attack is very slow..
  22. Mike A: This was a good one.
  23. Natasha Neubaum: fun.
  24. Jason Lighthill: Awesome Sauce!.
  25. Jocelyn Matthews: TOO many glitches and not worth thee 5$ I paid for it. The gameplay is terrible and keep crashing.
  26. Rob Murphy: Combat is absolutely ferking atrocious!!!!! Stupid checkpoints aswell you get right way through then all of a sudden get knocked down and beat to death cant block, cant move or run out the way then your back to the pissssssssing start, absolutely shocking..
  27. Kvs Prasad: Exellent.
  28. John McMullan: Terrible combat mechanic..
  29. Sol Caston: Fun. Nice controls. Cool Graphics. And, it saves your progress. If you die, it'll start over at your death spawn. It's challenging 💯💯. 😎.
  30. Jay-R Sumpay: This game is cool hope there's more game you will create 1-slaugther 123 parts amazing 2-.
  31. Paweł Iwaniec: Controls really bad on gamepad, there's no English dubbing and characters feel floaty. Plus, in 2022 Google really shouldn't support Russian economy by putting this on Play Pass..
  32. Madhu Shah: Give my money back.
  33. Jhonlyar Medalla: The game was very nice graphics, the story, of the game was very awesome. And enjoying.. I'm already done finish all mission. I wish they have mind part 2 mindcell 2..I am waiting thnk you and godbless. 😊.
  34. BRIAN D SPOHN: I'll try it.
  35. Stuart Norris: Love cyberpunk stuff!!!.
  36. Nathan Mays: Mobile controls are awful. These Android games have so much potential but controls on this mobile platform all but negate the best experience possible..
  37. MeyVerTEK PTY LTD: Attention all Russian and Ukrainian developers. Your work is pretty impressive, especially considering the platform. But please hire a translator or an English story writer. Because that truely is not your Forte. Oh and please add more regular saving points, because I get rather tired of the repetitive sequences. And fix the combat system quick-time events, because I don't know what they're there for if pushing the block button as indicated doesn't work..
  38. BoxRob0t: Dude I mean it speaks for itself, amazing..
  39. Baban Londhe: Need open world environment..
  40. Mario Jader: The story is awesome. It reminds me the classic games of the PlayStation 2 times. The gameplay is solid, specially when you start to use guns. Great game..
  41. Derek Moore: Game is almost too easy once you figure how to take on enemies with guns and not rush in to rooms..
  42. Justin Clevenger: Good gameplay but to short. It feels like your just stopped at the beginning of the story. This feels more like a demo then a full game..
  43. Ulises Cruz: Pretty well made story but the game itself has lots of bugs and gets glitchy at times. Sometimes the audio will just cut out and I can't hear the music or gameplay. It even crashed on me once. I really liked the idea and story being made and that ending wasn't so good as I thought it would be. Hopefully they make a second game since the story was well developed but the ending left a lot of questions. Hopefully the bugs and glitches won't be as bad in the 2nd game. Still overall I liked the game..
  44. dmitryrama: I really like this game, need sequel.
  45. Rebecca Lewis: Not a bad game. Can use a little work..
  46. Tai Rahman: Not a bad effort! but needs more work to make it a a great RPG thriller 🙂.
  47. Jennifer Tarpley: Best game I played so far.
  48. Thandolwethu Thwala: Install and update.
  49. Oren Shmuel: Very nice shooter. Well designed. Game experience is mostly good. Main problems: a bit repetative without real change in the game, NPCs are dumb, which makes them too easy to kill and skipping cutscenes is not enabled on many of them, not even on rewatch (after respawn, for instance).
  50. Ettiene Wilkins: Cool.
  51. Ashton Jones: Quick game, but very fun... I hope they come put with a sequel..
  52. Lennville Dobbins: Please let there be another chapter! Great story line!.
  53. LODEWYK STEYN: Awesome.
  54. rich norris: Hard to position character to get items to difficult to move from place to place if you want something to download and play this is not the game for you.
  55. Jean pierre Alluin: Google Play License Check.
  56. vicky s: Worst control.
  57. Jake Faust: Controls are responsive and the pacing is good, but I keep encountering a bug where I can't interact with things because the "use" prompt does not show up..
  58. Sanidhya Pandey: 👍🏻.
  59. Hughman Case: Seems like a decent game but controls are really bad..
  61. Darwin Busa: Just wasted my money on data and it doesn't even have a English speaker all the cutscenes are Russian but the graphics are amazing 👍.
  62. Zeyan Ramzan: Waste of money. The controls are awful and the graphics are just worse. I recommend don't pay for this game. If I can I want my money back..
  63. Martin: The game feels like a school project. A really decent one. It's no way perfect for sure but to pass the time and experience simple story. Not bad..
  64. BamaBandit615: Its hard to play without knowing where you're going...Please add a Direction Arrow or a map to let me know which way to go!!.
  65. John Fisher: First levels were good, but soon they started to feel empty and the very first boss is traumatizing due to unfair balancing with respect to imprecise and clunky controls (edit: 1st boss unplayable even with gamepad). The engine rolled pretty well on high settings until a water event showed up. I had to lower shaders to min for about two minutes of gameplay. Anyway the story so far somehow copies Slovakian game Chaser. Whoever played that, knows everything..
  66. Biki Deka: Op Game I ❤️ it.
  67. Trend Savage: Lets Go Lads.
  68. {}Dark_Shadow 82: Bad game bad peformance bad controls confusing storyline i want a refund!😡.
  69. Brent Morris: Decent third person shooter with okay combat, solid levels design and a good story. Highly recommended. No IAP B.S. This is a game with a beginning, middle and end..
  70. Wouter (Nod800): Great game. When is the next part? Would love to see the story roll on. Good graphics, simple gameplay but quite fun! BTW could you put English spoken dialog in your games?.
  71. Ahmed Osama: Perfect game. New Story, easy control, good tactics, exciting plot and great game experience..
  72. Rishant yadav: Good game but story line is not very good and the game graphics are decent but according to price this game is better so i will give five stars.
  73. ANAND ARUNA: Very nice game Some bugs should be fix Some lags in the game control Should add weapons Its very easy 😜 game.
  74. Goth Bear: Meh shity shovel ware. Poor controls..
  75. Miles Henderson: Great! One of the best original android games I've played in a while. It's nice to play a game that has a proper story and no IAPs. The attention to detail on each level is also very good with lots of room to explore. Well done devs!.
  76. Niraj YĐv: Best gameplay with high end graphics.
  77. Limath Lakdula: I play this game good,but it's short i will finish it one day.
  78. PhantomDesu: It was a very fun and challenging game the only thing i didn't like tho was the auto fire most of my bullets go to waste just because i aimed near the enemy.
  79. Abhay Soni: Finally completed for 4th time this time I slowly take in everything game has to offer and I have some ideas for its sequel Mindcell is different from slaughter it tries to take more STEALTH approach balance with action rather than POWER FANTASY that is slaughter but the game fails in doing so.It needs hiding spots, stealth kills and in some areas sneaking should be important and melee weapons came in handy with stealth kills rather than forced upon like in start and than with guns we go on ☠️☠️.
  80. Devaraj Paulraj: Amazing..please do develop these kind of third person game. Really like it the way gameplay and controls are pretty good for use. Expecting more games like this. All the best..
  81. {}Mountain Lion: Hey Devs. It's not working pls fix it i paid for this game pls it just crashed every time 😭😭😭.
  82. Michael Ashley: Another Amazing game thank you for the experience..
  83. Jake Razor Clawson: Quality action game that plays well and looks good. Ray Spark knows how to make awesome third person shooters. Must buy..
  84. Jordan Mills: Definently good but i feel a bit ripped off after playing slaughter 3 conpared to this. I feel like i beat the game VERY quickly and yeah idk. Very worth the 5 bucks though! Not that slaughter 3 was a super long game in itself but i at least had time to enjoy it. When the game ended i was kinda in disbelief like what? Its over? I should've known it was coming to an end when the first boss you fight dies and then the second. Idk very good just wish the portion size was larger!.
  85. Andrew Whitfield: This game is awesome. It supports gamepads. This is the kind of game we need more of. Offline TPS with a good story. Just buy it..
  86. Hugo: Excelente juego, es un poco corto pero eso es algo positivo ya que dura lo suficiente para que no se vuemva repititivo y aburrido. La historia esta cool y las gráficas estan muy buenas!, Lo recomiendo 20/10.
  87. Kris Kurn: Same as Slaughter 3, the graphic are great! But the gameplay a little disappointing. The map are too big with only 2 enemies on each room, feels monotonous. There are only 2 type of enemies, ordinary security guard and armored guard, and that's it. Bosses wasn't interesting. I gave it 4 stars to appreciate the effort to create this game. Please make Slaughter 4 instead Mindcell 2, it will have so much potential and more fun to play..
  88. Hewlett D. Brewster: I played the game straight for about 4 days and it's over, the end, so now I'm bored and not a Russian Robotic Android, Mindcell sucks.
  89. Abe Mackenzie: This win a solid five star for me, simply because of cliffhanger ending, underdeveloped characters, unresolved plot elements, despite of simplistic overall premise and plot. The story's start with something simple and formulaic to expect. But also ends with a wasted potential it left behind. I could give a lower ratings for other aspect, namely largely unchanged gameplay from developer's past titles. This feels like an experimental release of what could be a better game..
  90. Jeremy (Emuboy): Really good game, especially for the price. The only problem I have found is the Use /pickup button keeps disappearing when the weapons break, so you have to load the last save when this happens, (they said it was fixed in last update but still does it on my phone) apart from that, excellent work..
  91. Talal Ansardeen: Outstanding concept & gameplay 💯🔥👍🏼.
  92. AgentSync: I played the game and encountered some bugs like suddenly you cant pick up weapons or switch them . And i have to load the game everytime and it becomes repetitive . Until this bug is fixed im gonna rate it 3 stars because the game is fun but i cant continue playing due to not being able to activate the 2 bridge.
  93. SadDemon: Очень хороший концепт, пройти можно буквально за день, но своих денег стоит, атмосферненько, музыка не бесит, графон хороший, анимации в целом такие себе, их нужно да поплавнее да побольше, сюжет тоже в каких то местах работает а в каких то стоило бы подумать по дольше, боссов в игре всего два, в общем я желаю этой игре вырасти во что то крупное, и продолжение будет во всех упомянутых аспектах лучше, советую к ознакомлению и помощи проекту.
  94. Nani “Tokes” Popper: Loving this so far! Albeit a fairly linear campaign without too much headscratching, it's a cool story with an increasingly likeable protagonist & intriguing antagonist. I'm a big fan of the cyberpunk-esque aesthetic, the variety of weapons is pretty good along with simple yet comfortable controls that have been set. It's games like these that make me happy I quit gacha's and all those other games you don't "actually play". Can't wait to beat this and go again on Hard! Cheers from Canada!!!!!!!!.
  95. Amanda Gabriela: there's a bug where I can't pick anything up therefore I can't play, had to uninstall. great game though.
  96. Ross Olejniczak: Bought all the slaughter series. Like this one the best so far. Can't wait for them to become more indepth. Maybe open sandbox loot fest far cry 3rd person style with dark souls combat.....
  97. Rezz: Just bought Mindcell and Slaughter 3. Keep up the good work!.
  98. Ray Droid: Screen does not rotate to accommodate all controllers! Idiotic!.
  99. Clint Clemente: Negative. At no time in the past, present, or future. Would' I ever update a app full of permissions. I detest permissions. Every time this occurs the app in question, will receive one star..
  100. Patrick Menard: I really enjoyed the slaughter series and now this one... too! Nevertheless, I would appreciate some tweaks in this new mobile game... like having maps in each chapters... etc! I appreciate the introduction of voice acting... nevertheless, it's not in English... sadly! Overall... it's pretty good! 😎👍.
  101. Aditya Roy: What an amazing TPS game! It feels console like ..wayyyy better than what the play store usually offers. High quality graphics and attention to detail proves that a lot of love and passion was put into making this..if only there was english voice acting and manual shooting! That's all it needed! I'll love to see more action games like this from you in the future!.
  102. El Ditoro: I really like this game, not as much as the Slaughter series but i still really like it. I do have some issues with this game, theres a problem that i have that was in the Slaughter games which is when you shoot the enemy, the gun aims down to the ground. Everytime you fire the gun it points to the ground. Its really annoying and causes me to waste ammo. Another thing is we should be able to hold down block and stay blocking. When fighting 2 enemies, its hard to try and block both..
  103. Erik Perkins: Why did i update??? Now my game freezes!! Thx for the update. Now I'd like a refund.
  104. zero clips: This game is awesome best game on playstore because it's also includes brain works But i feel bored in salughter 2 because less brain works but I love you ray sparks God bless you please make more game like this Later gameplay it includes guns is awesome.
  105. Simulated Human Being: I just finished this game in a day and wow! This is absolutely amazing! The first ever game with excellent graphics and good storyline that can run on my A10s phone! Worth the money and it has replay value + I see the game has easter eggs in them, so far I spotted the Half Life, Elon Musk's baby name and if you could say Detroit:Become Human (which is Seth's jacket)! I do look forward to seeing Mindcell 2 though, where we can play as other characters or just Seth with NM going on missions!.
  106. Johnny Varsity: Has a Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell vibe to it, I really enjoy the animation and cutscenes along with the subtitle dialogue, graphics and music is outstanding. I also love how it's controller compatible so I can use my PS4 controller to play: one thing that it needs is a radar to tell you where enemies are and the ability to push the directional pad up to lean against the wall and stride like solid snake also add a crouch button for easier stealth there's not alot of things to stand behind..
  107. Aithys: Honestly its not so bad, for a Russian/Ukrainian made game. Controls could use a little refinement, but over all its fairly decent..
  108. Mano Tiger: Amazing ... These programers and developers are amazing 👌 ... Just like slaughter series amazing ❤️.
  109. PowerMechGuy (IndependentForce): This game has controller support! I like the way the game is themed. I the fighting system could use a little work though, blocking attacks is a bit awkward..
  110. Intense Bronco 47: 10/10 great melee game a couple of bugs and glitches but still a great game..
  111. Jᴏᴛᴀʀᴏ Kᴜᴊᴏ: I cant refund this game.
  112. Patrick Washburn: It's a great game, like a game should be. I know some complain about having to actually figure out where to go, but that's part of "exploring". You guys did another great job, always looking for your next game!.
  113. The Prat: Nice graphics and story , reasonable price and a lot of hardworking is has been placed in the game and I would live to have some more from them..
  114. Simon: Improve the controls please and add more new features, just support you cos i like how you made your games but you as a game developer have to do more improvements on your part too🤔😎.
  115. Rodolfo Ferreira: Think of Slaughter, but in melee mode for most of the game play and that pretty much sums up this game. I was going to support this one more app from the same dev, but unfortunately Mindcell shares the same problem as Slaughter 2: even though it does have support for Bluetooth HID controllers, the game still shows touch controls. If only there was an option to set the VISIBILITY of them and make them invisible when I please, that'd be something..
  116. Shivan Singh: Another awesome game from this developer! I played the entire Slaughter series, and this game did not disappoint. Can't wait for Mindcell 2!.
  117. Gaer'thal Estelmist: Unfortunately I had to refund as well. I liked the slaughter series, all of them. But the controls in this one is really painful like some comments say. My dear developer, please let me know if you improve the controls, I will give it another try. Thanks..
  118. PlayS4: Buy this to support the developer keep up the good work bro 😁.
  119. Flora Gordora: The best ever.
  120. Geextah _: Awesome! Wayting for 2nd part! Have all ur games in my collection! 👍.
  121. KFC Wonders: Ray spark is officially my favorite developer for android games. Please make more amazing games..
  122. Mkhuseli Mazungula: A good game developer that deserve the support. Makes great games like this one with no extra cost. About this game: Good graphics. Engaging story. Nice voice acting. Gameplay is pretty decent a and level design also good. What could've been better is the addition of English voice acting and customisable controls but even with subtitles and oversize controls it pretty enjoyable game that shows the amazing potentials of game indie development on mobile without microtransactions.👌👌👌👌👌.
  123. charlie Black: Not bad, just not as good as previous projects. Camera lock on character slips into bad angles. The fighting system is bad, though I see the effort. Sounds are numb and have little impact. Every strike feels soft and muted. And THIS GAME NEEDS MORE GUNS! I'm still a fan, keep going devs!.
  124. Aneek Sanyal: Overall, it's a good game. Good story, although the ending wasn't very satisfying, but I guess the developers preserved the rest of the story for MindCell 2. Graphics is pretty good, audio department is fine too. Controls are okay, but an option to rearrange the onscreen controls would be much appreciated and english voice-over would also be nice. Framerates are stable, game has no glitchs or bugs. waiting for MindCell 2 eagerly....
  125. Vishvesh Dave: Gameplay is poor and the controls are below par. Game experience is not even close to slaughter series..
  126. Jesse Senshi: The melee fighting is a wonderful addition. The movement seems a little weird. I would stick with the movement animations from slaughter 2/3. The environments/characters/cinematics are amazing. Awesome Boss Fights! A solid 4/5! Hoping to see more Mindcell chapters in the future. Also, can you add some zombies at some point?.
  127. Timothy Hargrove: Wgiv.
  128. Jonathan Casillas: I really love every game of this developer, great storyline and graphics, thanks for this great games.
  129. DVL 18: Fun, responsive and it has excellent graphics, definitely recommend..
  130. Sarah Gill: I purchased this today since it looked like a decent third person shooter with good graphics. WRONG. Not as satisfied as I thought I was gonna be. The controls are terrible and it's super laggy on my phone. Very difficult to play in general. I got a refund..
  131. jason hoskins: Very fun game.
  132. Musisi Gamers: Mantap jiwa Ray Spark 👍🤘 Please update more mission.
  133. thatonejustinguy: I want a refund.
  134. Andre Wijaya: Awesomes...
  135. Amelita Sumpay: Why updating my divice is running even is already 100%and it say small fixed 32.61 MB And now is almost 100. MB and steel not done it keeps turning and what kind of update this.
  136. Shawn Nathan: Love the game..
  137. Thunder Lightning: Edited: game played , but not satisfied as slaughter. good story but i dont like the Controler. really hard to kill those little enemy. they take to much damage, they are stronger. and my Shotgun and pistols are useless. i give star for Slaughter 1,2,3 best forever ♥️🔥 (I didn't start the game just downloaded the game , that because im rating 5 start because im the Slaughter fan. after playing this new game i will edit the review 🔥♥️).
  138. Satria Jacob: I give it 5,, maybe i will add more after playing the game,,, lol.
  139. Anubhav Bhatnagar: It's really good... Story and cut secenes in a mobile game... Good.

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Leagan: 1.63.
Android ag teastáil: 5.0.
Déan measúnú: 1001.
Rátáil Ábhar: Teen.
Suiteáil: 10,000+.
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Forbróirí: Ray Spark.
Vótaí: 3.9.
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