Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron Mod

Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron (MOD_HACK)

Conquer na spéartha agus cath don ghlóir san aeróg eipiciúil WW2 shoot 'em suas!. Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron Mod v1.0.17

Nuashonrú: 16/03/2023
Costas: 1.49

Íosluchtaigh Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron Mod 1.0.17 le haghaidh android apk agus iphone ios 6.0

Tá do ghléas soghluaiste sroichte ag an scuadrún! Dodge stoirm piléar agus tabhair aghaidh ar mheaisíní cogaidh ón aer uafásach! Treoraigh do scuadrún chun bua in dhá fheachtas éagsúla, lán le casadh scéalta agus troideanna seanscéalta!

ACES OF THE LUFTWAFFE – SQUADRON Is shoot scrollaithe ingearach lán-aicsean ’em-up’ le scéal suimiúil agus lán-gutha . Urchair Dodge, a bhailiú cumhacht-ups ollmhór agus go ciallmhar úsáid cumais speisialta a defeat do naimhde. Dhá fheachtas le 50 leibhéal san iomlán, tonnta de naimhde marfach éagsúla agus go leor troideanna boss eipiciúil. An bhfuil tú réidh leis an tasc?

Nuair a bhí an chosúlacht ar an scéal go raibh an Eoraip saor, thapaigh ceannasaí rúnda Gearmánach darbh ainm The Aces of the Luftwaffe an deis dul ar ais agus ionradh a dhéanamh ar na Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá! Tá sé de dhualgas ort an tsíocháin agus an tsaoirse a athbhunú ar bord sciatháin marfach cruach i gcathanna aeir bhuama! Mar sin féin, tá dhá thaobh ag gach scéal. Agus na hAces of Luftwaffe ag cur tús lena n-ionsaí ar na Stáit Aontaithe, tá tú cúisithe as scuad píolótaí Gearmánacha mionlach a threorú ar mhisean rúnda. Embarc ar eachtra eipiciúil ón aer de intrigue agus de cheal ó bhunáit rúnda sa Triantán Beirmiúda. Roghnaigh do thaobh, cinneadh a dhéanamh ar do ról agus éirí de thalamh! do gach fear sciatháin
– Córas gnóthachtála dúshlánach
– Scéal suimiúil le carachtair lán-ghuthacha
– 50 leibhéal agus misin spreagúla 
– 12 troideanna iontacha boss
– Fuaimrian ceolfhoirne eipiciúil ar nós scannán

Íoslódáil saor in aisce Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron (MOD_HACK) le haghaidh Android APK & iPhone IOS IPA. (Méid: ) - Leagan 1.0.17. Scaoilte ar . Le GA.VNMOD.NET. Conquer na spéartha agus cath don ghlóir san aeróg eipiciúil WW2 shoot 'em suas!. Arna fhorbairt ag HandyGames. Riachtanais an chórais oibriúcháin 6.0. Everyone 10+.

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Trácht nua

  1. Steve Breslin: americans VO sound more german than schwartzenegger. controls suck as many others noted..
  2. Donald Swarts: Yikes. This feels like a poorly ported PC game. I want to like it, but the controls and UI are a nightmare for mobile. Landscape mode for a shmup? Out of your gourds. Transition screens, subtitles, all too slow and glaring. No confirmation when pressing restart level? Put this bun back in the oven for a while, it needs it. Glad I didn't pay the 8 bucks, I'd have been pissed..
  3. Tuan Van: Terrible game layout, should have keep the game vertical instead of horizontal. Don't know how this game got into the Play Pass subscription . What a clown 🤡.
  4. Adrian “Ace” Caster: Great game.
  5. cmcrisp: Terrible controls.
  6. Jesse McKowen: Xbox controller works in menus but not in game at all. Needs to be fixed. S23 Ultra..
  7. Ian M: What would be a great game has been totally rendered inoperable by the controls. I don't have a controller and it really would not be a phone game if it requires one. I wish the controls were more responsive and I would give this 5 stars..
  8. Kyle Spooner: I love this game!.
  9. S H (Soylencer): Wow, the controls really are bad, a shame since it looks great. Devs, there's a reason why these bullet hell games are always portrait mode. I tried all 4 styles and played with the sliders, none of it felt good. Don't know how I'm supposed to move my thumb across my huge screen, my hands aren't that big; Maybe I'm supposed to use my pointer, but then I can't grip my phone. Joysticks feel bad and send you to the edge. Additionally, the fire button is TINY, and my finger keeps sliding off it..
  10. Jim Williams: Way too much going on at once. Becomes a lesson in frustration. Uninstalled..
  11. CALEVRA: Awesome game hot garbage buffe controls sad.
  12. Green: Good until the last boss, that turns casual 1945 bullet hell (original arcade version, not the in app purchase ridden version) like game into tohou: a ultra bullet-hell rage game, and that is on easy. Don't expect to win..
  13. Eddy Pickrell: Looks good but controls are terrible no matter which setting you try. Also stage 1-2 for usa is bugged and won't let me finish just keeps scrolling endlessly. Samsung z fold 3.
  14. Sharkus Velarde: Definitely better than the first one. And please next time get rid of the stupid cartoon characters, worthless dialogue and cut scenes, we are not interested..
  15. A.D.S studio animation: It was so laggy or drop fps on my android phone I believe this game is not that complex to be like that hope it gets better.
  16. John Fenn Pocock: Why would anyone play a game that glorifies Nazis?.
  17. Miguel Mendez: It's a good game, but it really needs controller support. If controller support is added it will be a 5 star game for sure.
  18. Wahyu Mahesa: is it too difficult to make a d-pad controller on touch screen?? the current options are terrible.
  19. Galaxy Note Bassy: Could be a great bullet hell shooter but the directional control is just annoying. The aircraft just goes wherever you push on the screen that makes hard to dodge enemies and bullets. It would be better to have a joystick or pad type control . App crashes often and it takes some time to reload..
  20. EbiKatsu: I've been read their rate, lot of player complaining about control, but i think their control is fine, the only problem is the gameplay, i hate the idea of controlling four plane at once, it's feel extreamly confusing & annoying..
  21. Am: Great..
  22. Kyle Spooner: I love this game!.
  23. Mike jr: Pretty cool..
  24. Matt Reed: Looks fun, but awkward controls. I can't fly in two directions and shoot, I only have two thumbs..
  25. Xoa yi: Look good on tv.
  26. CodY_ DuffY: Good Shooter, made well for mobile, and no BS microtransactions! The voice acting leaves a lot to be desired and the controls are made more for a tablet than phone, but over all a great experience..
  27. Muhd Zaidi: Despite some awkward controls (no autoshoot and gamepad only works in menu), this is actually a pretty good shoot em up. Hope they will include proper gamepad and mouse support in future updates.
  28. ƱΝΙΤ: Laughable voice acting, boring gameplay, and a generic storyline..
  29. Jesse Stronach (Jeigh): Gr8 G🎮me! 😁.
  30. Tab K: Good graphics , effects and plot. Addictive gameplay. There is a problem with cutscene skip button it works on whole screen and results in accidental skip of cutscenes. Overall Great game..
  31. Sawyer Matthews: WOW ASOMEEEEEE.
  32. Mark Thorson: Why landscape?! Whichever "genius" came up with that idea needs sacking..
  33. Alexander N: OK game, annoying story, good graphic, but unplayable. On-screen controls *very* sluggish (yes, I tried all four), definitely needs work. However, developer doesn't care, no updates for months. Uninstalled..
  34. William Costanzo: Love this game .exciting game play and Awesome campaign maps great job to the creator 👏 👍 🙌 😀 👌 💪 👏.
  35. Cody Phillips: What a pile..
  36. Woo Waa Fii Schaa: Horrible controls, played for 30 seconds and uninstalled it right after. Maybe the game could make fun if it would be controllable... /edit: The only thing I (more or less) playable method is the joystick, but almost impossible to avoid bullets, enemies or anything else. Highly inaccurate! Would give it a try if the controls would be as smooth as graphics, but I can't play much longer than 2 minutes atm - totally frustrating.
  37. Danny Skeens: Controls are... terrible.
  38. Lucas Schuman: It's very fun, but I would recommend taking away the shoot button and let shooting happen automatically. I'm right handed, and moving the shoot button to the left helped. That way I keep my left thumb on the button and fly with my right. Otherwise, I enjoy the unique RPG aspects of leveling up all four pilots in different ways..
  39. John Benko: The controls are awkward..
  40. Noodle Doodle: Seems fun. Only get to third mission and it fails every time. No reason why, always says failed. Tried many times. No idea what's wrong. I give up. Uninstalling..
  41. Dog toy: Pretty great game for people into bullet hell games. Decent story as far as i got. I deleted it because i just didnt think it was for me but like i said anyone into bullet hell will like this. Recommended..
  42. Elijah Harnage: I want to love this game. But the touch screen controls are not good. I'm playing on a 7t pro, and the shoot button is so small & having it in the corner on a curved screen is difficult. This definitely needs controller support..
  43. J C (Jrtistcamer): Please explain what you meant by 'Dont Move' during the wolf boss battle? I tried holding my finger in place and also tried not touching the screen. But both resulted I got locked on by the enemy. I will return my review to 5 stars if you answered this..
  44. Achmad Ansory: make it support gamepad like ipega, please, I'd love to enjoy it to the fullest.
  45. Ryan Herzberg: Yeah but no Bluetooth Controller capability? People dont like to touch their screens more than they have to during gameplay. Very promising otherwise..
  46. A Google user: Very good game I like it.
  47. A Google user: Runs well on my relatively old P20. Good graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Would benefit from controller support..

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